Saturday, August 1, 2009

Y'AR! More fun free stuff mateys!

Fire GOOD!!! is participating in a few more hunts, so that means more prizes - YAY! All of the following prizes can be found at the main shop on the beachcomber sim.

Search for the Black Pearls

Find the black pearl to receive a free pirate treasure launcher - a pirate treasure chest that shoots treasure chests bursting with coins.

Poppy Hunt

Find the poppy bag to receive rainbow rocket feet - particle effect is activated when you fly.

Fall Fun Hunt

Find the sculpted leaf to receive a particle effect poofer. This one rains down a variety of colorful autumn leaves when you teleport or type /1 poof in local chat.

Satisfashion Hunt
See the link above or click the hunt poster at my shop, or visit the hunt headquarters for more information on how to obtain a hunt VIP Pass for this exclusive hunt.

For this hunt i designed a pink flame party dress with a coordinating particle effect. The dress includes top and pants on all layers, flexi prim skirt, broach with particle effect controlled by chat commands. This will be on sale in the shop after the hunt, but you can get it free with the Satisfashion VIP Pass for the duration of the hunt.

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