Monday, March 21, 2011

New Fun Stuff from Fire GOOD!!!

The following new items are available at the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser - for these items 100% will be donated to the charity,  More information on this fund raising event is available on the various posters at the event.

 The Letter of the Week is "Z" - so I bring you the new "Zany Zebra Launcher"
it's just silly - go get it.  Many vendors are participating in the LOW sale, more info here.

New at the Fire GOOD!!! Main Store
Even Sillier - my friend, ChatBrat Pippita - made this request a while back
[21:56]  ChatBrat Pippita: Ari make a farter 
that emits rainbows and skittles
so this is inspired by her:
Launches colorul candies and rainbow poofs in mouse view (includes super awesome sound effects).


Sunday, March 6, 2011

feelin just ducky

Letter of the week is "D" and that's just ducky.  Here are the Ducky D items on sale right at the entrance of Fire GOOD!!! main store.

 Duck Antlers - L$25
 Ducky T L$1
Shoulder Duckling Poofer Pet L$15

See the LOW Sale list of other delightful "D" items on sale this week.