Friday, December 31, 2010

Start the New Year with Fun Stuff and More Cowbell

New fun stuff available at Fire GOOD!!! Main Store.

First...just because it is goofy - the LOL Cat Launcher - these cats look totally freaked out!  (Probably because they are being hurled through the's ok they are not real...also they told me they enjoy the thrill).

New Hunt Prizes also available now...
The Great Mitten Hunt December 21 - January 31 - find the mitten (it's hidden in plain sight) to get this prize - Winter Fun Antlers - plenty of mittens and snow where ever you go.

The New Year's Resolution Hunt 2 runs from January 1st  - 31st.  What is your new year's resolution? I haven't really made any yet, but I made this prize because if I did make a resolution about fast food, it would be to LAUNCH it rather than eat it.   Find the big pink pencil for this prize.
The Nautical New Year Hunt runs from January 1 - 31.  For this hunt, I made something that I always wanted to make... an Octopus Launcher.  This launcher shoots a variety of bright wiggly bouncy sea critters in mouse view.  Very Fun!  Find the ship's wheel and you will find your prize.
Also- the ODB Holiday Fair is still going on through January 15th- here you will find a collection of designers that are offering a free item and a sale item all in one place.  Stop by for a free Cookie Explosion from Fire GOOD!!!

Also - I took a quick jog down memory lane last night and attended my friend's live performance.  He had a LOT of COWBELL in one of his songs, which totally cracked me up because one of the very first building projects we worked on when we first met was an animated More Cowbell toy.  So i wipped out my cowbell and started playing along during his performance.  LOL.  After the concert, I put the cowbell out in my main shop for free so that you can enjoy it as well.  Stop by and Get it - to the left of the entrance past the posters and such.  "I'm tellin ya, you're gonna want that cowbell."

Happy New Year and Have Fun!!!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Are you late decorating for Christmas?

Maybe you could use this new fun gadget.  Presenting the Christmas Light Blaster for rapid decorating. 

This launcher shoots multicolored christmas lights in mouse view.  Sometimes it's not about precision, it's about SPEED.  This is a free gift for the Christmas Hunt.  Find the santa hat for the prize.


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Holiday Fun from Fire GOOD!!!

Two new hunts are beginning and that means more fun hunt prizes from Fire GOOD!!!

For the Holiday Fantasy Hunt, I was in a goofy mood and fantasizing about sugar cookies, so find the little fantasy fairy and you get these crazy "Cookie Fantasy Antlers."  They poof cookies when you teleport so you can easily share the sugary sweetness.
For the Candy Cane 2 Hunt, a candy cane themed particle effect.  This is a continuous effect featuring all sorts of minty goodness, candy canes, magical stars, and even peppermint twist flames.

 Find the fun stuff at Fire GOOD!!!

Enjoy :)

Friday, December 3, 2010

Fire and Magic and Peace on Earth

Several hunts have started and I made some new fun stuff.

The folks at MadPea bring us another fun hunt - the "Lost Souls Hunt" began December 1st.  For this hunt, you purchase a hud to store all of the souls you collect along the way.  When you collect all of them you are rewarded.  More Information on this hunt at the MadPeas web site.

For this hunt, the prize from Fire GOOD!!!  is the Lost Soul Particle Montage.  You will look totally hot wearing this flaming effect.
My all time favorite hunt, the Peace on Earth hunt also began December 1st.  For this hunt I made two prizes, the first is a unisex prize - a peace on earth particle montage - this is a continuous particle effect with a variety of images symbolizing peace.
 The second is a fun little play dress and hat inspired by the particle effect.

Another hunt beginning tomorrow is the Magic of Winter hunt.  For this prize I created yet another particle effect (I have been on a particle kick lately) with magical wintry particles in a bubble that you wear to float around instead of walking.  This effect is also a continuously changing effect.  Click the bubble to toggle particles on and off.
All these prizes available now at Fire GOOD!!! main store.


Monday, November 15, 2010

out of this world spaceship and magical montage

A new hunt begins today, the Out of this World hunt is November 15 - December 15.   Find the little cute spaceship in the Fire GOOD!!! main store for the prize.  More info about this hunt is available by clicking the hunt poster at the entrance to the store.

Here's a peek at the Prize for this hunt...
Float around in an out of this world spaceship
featuring fun starry particles activated on click and
colorful rocket flames when you fly.
no need to rez it, just wear it and have fun!

New Particle Effects
While snowed in over the weekend, I started messing around with particle effects and came up with these, a colorful collection of Magical Montage effects now available at the Fire GOOD!!! main store.

Peaceful, elegant, continuous effect featuring a collage of blended particle images that you can wear or rez.  Toggle on and off using simple chat commands. A few varieties are shown here, stop by the Fire GOOD!!! main store or see my flicker stream for all ten designs.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Suddenly a Magical Winter Wonderland

I live in Minnesota (not by choice).  When I woke up this morning my world was invaded by SNOW!

It is actually very pretty.  But the heavy snow is causing power to go off intermittently through out the day - EEK!  In the midst of that I got a chance to pop in world and mess around with some particle effects.  I kind of went wild.

Here's one of them.  I'll show the others later, I'm not sure what I want to do with them yet, but this one is being sent to my Fire GOOD!!! group today.

If you missed out on it  - just hit the group kiosk at the Fire GOOD!!!  store.

Magical Particle Sphere - a gentle and peaceful effect
Snowflakes surround you in a continuous perfect sphere of particle Magic.
use chat commands to turn the effect on or off
Rez or Wear.

Low Sale Item of the Week - Letter of the week is F and at Fire GOOD!!! F is not only for Fire, but also for FLOATING!!!  This week the Floating Bubble Spaceship - in purple is on sale for 50L.  Just wear the spaceship and float instead of walking.  Have fun being a space invader!

Here's a link to the other vendors participating in the LOW Sale.


Saturday, November 6, 2010

Feathers Prawns Glitter ...and a rocking party like shindig OH my!!!

I am so excited to announce the grand re-opening of the Weather! or not? main store on the home sim - ctrl shift h!  Join us for a weekend of fun and silliness.

You have to check out this store.  Further Monday and Fang Roffo have together created an incredible collection of whimsical toys.  New this weekend, you can pick up this amazing PRAWNBRELLA for only 50L.

OR....even more exciting...Glitter and DOUBLE RAINBOWS OMG!!! the glitterbrella is also new and on sale at this event.
here I am skipping along with my glitterbrella on the yellow brick road to nowhere 

cross this bridge into the Weather! or not? wonderland

Join us this weekend in celebrating the grand re-opening of the main store on the Home Sim with a great line up of entertainment, sales, and fun.  

In FIRE GOOD!!! news...the letter of the week is "O" and my sale item is this ORANGE FEATHER EXPLOSION  - yay feathers!  This reminds me...when I was a kid, my three brothers and I got into a HUGE pillow fight at a rare moment when my mom turned her back.  The aftermath was a bit like this...not as colorful but just as feathery.  (mom was Not impressed).

Feather Explosion in Orange - 15L this week at Fire GOOD!!! main store.
See the list of other vendors participating in the LOW sale this week here.

Monday, November 1, 2010

I've Got a Squirrel and I'm Not afraid to use it

Fire GOOD!!! is participating in several new hunts that began today.  Here's the scoop on the goodies.

The Video Game Xtravaganza Hunt November 1 - 30 -   My all time favorite videogame is Tetris.  Find the hunt prize for the "My Favorite Video Game Launcher"

 The Lets Go Nuts Autumn hunt November 1 - 30.   So for this one find the prize for a nutty little squirrel that launches a rainbow assortment of acorns in mouse view.   "I've got a squirrel and I'm not afraid to use it!"
 The Harry Potter Hunt November 1 - 30- of course I had to do something with a white owl.  This play dress and hat features a goofy cartoon-y owl drawn by yours truly.

I Heart Purple Hunt November 1 - 30 - all things purple; - find the purple heart for this fun particle effect.
More information and hints for finding the prizes are available at the entrance to Fire GOOD!!! Main Store.


Monday, October 11, 2010

it's PINK!!!

the Fire GOOD!!! LOW Sale item this week is a fun explosion of pink roses.

only 25L this week at Fire GOOD!!! main store.

Check out the list of all vendors participating in the Letter of the Week (LOW) sales promotion here.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

EEK! New Stuff at Fire GOOD!!!

Friday two new hunts begin:

The Pumpkin Prints Hunt October 1 - 31
Find the black pumpkin with orange paw print.  Hint: watch out for flying pianos...
More info for this hunt is available by clicking on the hunt sign in the main store.

Stop by and grab the Fire GOOD!!! hunt prize - a fun particle effect poofer that explodes in glorious autumn leaves when you teleport.

The GRIMM Halloween Hunt October 1 - 31
This was a fun hunt theme - we had to design a prize inspired by a tale from the Brothers Grimm.  I chose Hansel and Gretel.  I was thinking, "what if Hansel and Gretel had figured out the witch's plan earlier and what if they were armed?"

The Revenge of Hansel & Gretel launcher - is a cute little Ginger Bread cookie that blasts ginger bread houses, gumdrops and gingerbread men in mouse view.

The LOW Sale Item for this week:
The letter of the week is "E"  - only my most favorite vowel.  For this week, the "EEK Nerdy Spider shoulder pet poofer" is only 1L.  Come and get it. You can name your spider and use chat commands to send a poof of spiders to nearby avatars.   Explodes spidery particles on teleport EEK!

All this available at the Fire GOOD!!! main store.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Launchy, Floaty, Super Silly Trick or Treat Toys

Sometimes it is easier for me to just go with the silliness than scariness, as I was thinking about what to make for Halloween this year, I decided to just go with the goofy flow.

New at Fire GOOD!!! a collection of Floaty Trick or Treat buckets.

It's part trick and part treat.  Just wear it and float around in the goofy  trick or treat bucket.  In mouse view it shoots candy.  Click on the candy pieces for particle effects. These are really fun to play with in a group you can float around and bump into your friends and if they are wearing a floaty and you shoot at them, they will bump around ....give it a try - it's really fun.

First in line is Frankenstein.... Floaty "Frankie" has some awesome stylish neck bolts and a handsome UNIBROW. He looks surprised to be awakened for all this Halloween fun.

Here's the floaty batty BAT trick or treat bucket with super batty wings.  He is also sporting a handsome uni-brow and great looking "TEEF."
Here's my take on a Jack O Lantern... he's a bit cross eyed but turned out sort of cute.  This one explodes candy and pumpkins.
Finally, this one you can get for free if you can find the ghost in my main store... the floaty ghosty trick or treat bucket is the prize for the BOO hunt which started yesterday and goes through the end of October.  Here's a hint for finding the ghost:  "Look up high near the things you play with as you fly!"
All of these are available at the Fire GOOD!!! Main Store.

Have FUN!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wear Gray Exclusive and New Fun Stuff at Fire GOOD!!!

Exclusive Wear Gray Auction Item: Orchid Seating available today only!

There are only a couple days left for the Wear Gray charity event, but there is still time to participate and donate to a great cause.  This year all donations will go to benefit The American Brain Tumor Association.  

Today an exclusive item, a Fire GOOD!!!/Empyreal Dreams collaboration is up for auction at the Wear Gray market.  This is a one of a kind, sculpted orchid seat - up for bid through the end of day today.  Bidding started at 350L.

Right when you land you at Wear Gray sim, you will see 3 Bid boxes by Lucky Designs. In each bid box there will be a one of a kind item that is up for auction for 24 hours. If you are out bid it will send you your money back along with a message and SLurl if you wish to bid higher.

The item is on display a the Fire GOOD!!! shop at Wear Gray.

Sculpted Orchid seating for up to three avatars.  
Particle effects toggle on and off when you click the bottom right petal.  
Original textures and sculpts.  This design is an exclusive Wear Gray charity edition.  
A collaborative art project by Remington Aries & Ariel Wingtips.

New Stuff from Fire GOOD!!!

First we have the Fungus Flinger/ Mushroom Launcher.  I was on the rooftop of my not so secret lab in the sky and there was some funky fungus on my roof... I thought to myself, "what will I do with all these mushrooms?"  DUH..."We shall Launch Them!"  You too can enjoy the thrill of flinging these fabulous fungi at your friends.

Next, at a customer's request (it was something like..." you need to do some bear stuff"), we have the Teddy Bear Blaster.  This is a fun little sculpted teddy bear that you can hold.  It has a color change menu, so if you don't like a light colored bear, just click it and change it to blue or red or whatever makes you happy.  In mouse view it launches a rainbow assortment of bouncy little teddy bears.

Here are some action shots of Cat and Owly testing this launcher.  I gave one of these launchers to Cat and she decided to decorate her sky box (click the picture to see the detail).

Friday begins the LOW Sale, and the letter of the week this time is "L" which, of course, stands for "LAUNCHER" two items are on sale for this week:

The launcher target t shirt - only 10L this week at the Fire GOOD!!! main store - a unisex T  - that is great for when you are having a launcher party.  Let your friends know just where to aim.
Also on sale for this week - one of my favorite launchers, as a Minnesotan, I have to love the "Legendary Paul Bunyan Launcher."  There's nothing like launching Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue OX at the moon on a starry SL night.  Only 50L this week at the Fire GOOD!!! main store.

All this is now available at the Fire GOOD!!! main store.  Stop by grab some fun stuff and have a good time.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Learn Live Hope

Wear Gray Market 
The Wear Gray Market has opened.  

Wear Gray is a two week market with creators from across the grid, new and old, banding together to help raise funds for the American Brain Tumor Association.  This event is the 'brain child' of Wear Gray Director Sanura Snowpaw.  Sadly, Sanura lost her RL cousin to brain cancer and wanted to find a way to help raise funds to go towards researching to find a cure and to raise awareness of this disease.

This is a meaningful event for me personally as well having lost a close family member to this disease just under 2 years ago.  When I heard about this event and about the cause, I had to get involved. 
I encourage you also to participate in one of the many events that have been created for this charity.  The full list of events and vendors can be found on the Wear Gray web site.   Y
ou may also donate directly to the American Brain Tumor Association here:

Fire GOOD!!! is participating with the following exclusive items for sale at the event with 100% of the proceeds going to the American Brain Tumor Association.

These items are inspired by one of my favorite flowers, the Orchid, and a quote that has really spoken to my heart recently, "Learn from yesterday, Live for today, Hope for tomorrow."

This orchid seat is an exclusive one of a kind available at the Wear Gray Auction.  See the wear gray web site for more information on how to participate in the wear gray auction.  A demo of this item is on display in the Fire GOOD!!! store at the Wear Gray Market.
Hope to see you at the Wear Gray Events in the coming days.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Matrioschkas, evil rabbits, and Mind Control Mushrooms Muhahahaha

Fire GOOD!!! is participating in two new hunts in September...

The International Affair Hunt September 1 - 30
The International Affair hunt begins September 1st.  For this hunt, each designer chose a country.   I chose Ukraine, and my prize is inspired by a favorite souvenir from my visit to Ukraine many years ago, Matrioschka - Nesting Dolls, with a Fire GOOD!!! twist of Course.

I like the theme for this hunt, also Mikayla Ares did a great job organizing it - for each shop, in addition to the prize, when you find the hunt object you also can collect stamps from each of the stores.  Here's an example of mine:

Find the postage stamp in the Fire GOOD!!! main store for this fun little nesting doll that launches a variety of colorful, flaming nesting dolls in mouse view.
For more information on this hunt and the internationally inspired prizes see the official hunt blog here.

To find this prize, go to the Fire GOOD!!! main store and look for a little postage stamp with the Fire GOOD!!! logo.  Hint: flowers flowers everywhere!!!

The Mad Mushroom Hunt September 1 - 30
Another find hunt from the folks at Mad Pea Productions.  This hunt is special - 100 locations, 100 mushrooms, 100 prizes and 100L$ for everyone to complete the hunt!

I made something extra silly for this hunt.
Find the squishy mad mushroom in the Fire GOOD!!! main store for this prize.  Hint: eek nerdy spiders!
Wear these mad mouth mushrooms and do silly things with chat commands.  This is especially fun in a group. Everyone within chat range who wears the mouth mushrooms will do silly stuff when you say the magic words...

Here are some action shots from mad mind control mouth mushroom testing  that happened at Catalina Mistwallow's rez day party.

The party got off to a slow start...
The rabbits took over with their evil powers of rabbit hypnotism.
PT, especially sensitive to the suggestions of evil rabbits had a super strange dream.
We decided to munch on some mad mouth mushrooms... and suddenly lost gravity.
Strangely we all started dancing...

Then we died...

Then we poofed!