Wednesday, August 19, 2009

From the Frying Pan into the Chicken Farm (or Adia and Cat were just fishing)

From the Frying Pan. . .

It was Tuesday, I was not even gonna log into SL. But, Cat made me do it. I happened to see
her plurk, demanding that I log in right now! "ariel, come in! you NEED this! "
Of course.. i NEED I logged in. *WOOSH* i land at some cool store (i'll insert that info later) that was giving away the giant frypan for midnight mania. YAY touch the board - we only need 45 more!
So we start to TP our friends. Of course - we had to find out - how many avies fit in the frypan...

We got up to six before attention span wore out... and I received a TP request from Max saying,
"We need a kid right now!"

To the Chicken Farm. . .
*Woosh* I land at Bloss's Chicken Farm where Max and Bloss are sitting there fiddling with a pose set - that needs... a Kid! SO i shrunk down to mini me.
Tp'd the rest of the crew and hopped on...So Max was taking too long moving the poses around so we started shooting up the place and goofing off. (it's what we dooooooooo!)

[20:05] Ariel Wingtips: so i get this TP that's all "We need a kid now"
[20:06] Ariel Wingtips: max
[20:06] Ariel Wingtips: you are not ready for a kid
[20:07] Ariel Wingtips: at lest not one that builds weapons for fun
[20:07] Blossom Hastings: sounds just like his type of kids.. one that can kick his butt

[20:10] catalina Mistwallow: i will tell adia
[20:10] catalina Mistwallow: who my next victim is
[20:10] Ariel Wingtips: it was the kid... in the air....with a prawn

Cat and Adia..."went Fishing"

[20:11] catalina Mistwallow: adia your hair is cute!
[20:11] Adia Clary: armidi
[20:11] Adia Clary: its vintage
[20:12] catalina Mistwallow: adia, that is super cute!
[20:12] catalina Mistwallow: also... i think i almost just requested to be your partner
[20:12] catalina Mistwallow: by mistake hahahaha
[20:12] Ariel Wingtips: ooh la la
[20:12] Ariel Wingtips: cat's gettin marrieddddddddd
[20:12] Adia Clary: hahah must be the moon
[20:12] catalina Mistwallow snorts < ---- Extra Geek Points for that!
[20:14] catalina Mistwallow: note that i am holding a gun, adia
[20:14] Blossom Hastings: LOLOL
[20:14] catalina Mistwallow: you cannot resist my advances
[20:14] Ariel Wingtips: and she has not even mentioned CHEESE yet
[20:14] Maxmilian Nightfire: cheese!!!
[20:14] catalina Mistwallow: no, cheese comes later
[20:15] Ariel Wingtips: first comes love
[20:15] Ariel Wingtips: then comes cheese
[20:15] catalina Mistwallow is fond of cheese
[20:15] Adia Clary: cheese?
[20:17] catalina Mistwallow: i will take fake cheese over no cheese any day
[20:21] catalina Mistwallow: hey kids, i think adia and i are gonna go consummate our love somewhere else
[20:21] catalina Mistwallow: i am bringing the gun
[20:22] Ariel Wingtips: congrats!
[20:23] catalina Mistwallow: the official story is we're gonna go fishing
[20:23] catalina Mistwallow: if anyone asks, you know nothing
[20:23] Ariel Wingtips: and in the morning - theyr' makin waffles

But we stayed and partied...

(psst: you too can be the proud owner of a Prawn Launcher - the prawns designed by my cool and super silly friend Niko Paolino... check it out at Fire GOOD!!!)
[20:17] Maxmilian Nightfire: hey! only i shoot bloss!
[20:17] Ariel Wingtips: bahahaha
[20:17] Blossom Hastings: HAHAHA
[20:17] Blossom Hastings: looks in book for that rule Rhett & A

Meet Mini Antlered Owly
Isn't she just "Oh SO cute?!?"

Now iz ze time on ze Chicken Farm ven ve Dance!

So some folks left and Adia and Cat were "just fishing." So we joined them.

Then, Max and I decided to go shopping for cool stuff!

So we were having fun shopping and then SL went all wacky and i had to reboot my computer :( bleck. I logged back in later but i'll tell you about that another time. the 2 AM Central/ 12 AM SL Time... a GINORMOUS FRY PAN lands in my inventory!!!! Yes!!!

The End.