Monday, August 24, 2009

I Just Feel Bunny! AND 50 Percent Off Sale AT Harlow Location

So lately, I just feel like being a bunny in SL. YEAH it's fun. see?!?!?!
Look at what bunnys can do...
50 Percent Off Store Wide at Harlow Location!!! YAY
Fire GOOD!!! Harlow location is participating in Harlow's sim wide sale. I have set everything at this location to 50% off. The Harlow sim wide sale is August 23rd through August 29th. Go check out the sweet deals and explore this cool "Old Hollywood" themed sim.

Have a great day, gotta run, this bunny is BUSY!

Saturday, August 22, 2009


In the midst of last night's launcher fest (i'll post on that later), Niko decided that we needed to launch Owly. As usual..we were like ... "DONE!" (we always declare it done before we even begin to build, it's our product development style).

Well it is actually DONE now. Here are the action shots from the official launch test...

This launcher shoots three different bullets... the crazy owl that spews feathers, big floppy owly doing a totally vogue pose in her peacock tights, and a big blue"HOOT."

I'll put this out for sale at the Azul Fire GOOD!!! shop once i can rez again.

Satisfashion. . .

Just posting a quickie.... my friend Alia has organized probably the coolest hunt yet... If you have not done this hunt yet, you should. There is still time, the hunt does not end until August 31st. Go to Ali's shop and get a VIP pass and check out all the cool shops along the hunt trail. There are around 70 shops in the hunt give or take, a lot of brilliant designers.

From the organization, marketing, promotion, to shop selection, and continual coverage of the hunt, it is by far the best hunt I have participated in as a vendor. As a hunter (and i am a terrible hunter) I have really enjoyed this one.

How to:
Go to my shop...and click the hunt poster for information on how to get a 50L VIP Pass and join the group. are gonna look for sweet little hangers.
Wear your VIP Pass and Group tag - click the hanger and *PRESTO* you get a cool prize. Yay!!! Then look in the prize folder, go to the LM inside for the next spot, and *whoosh* you are in the next place looking for a cute little hanger! EZ As that.

Here's the prize at my shop...Hot Pink Flames.... accessorized, of course, with a flaming particle effect. Because in SL - FLAMES CAN BE WHATEVER COLOR I WANT!

More info on the Satisfashion blog.

So you may be wondering, "How does she do it?" How does Alia accomplish all this awesome stuff? theory....and now I have evidence that just may prove it... She is an alien with out of this world skills and magic.
Or maybe she is just a really creative, fun, and bright woman. Yeah that's it! Hehehehehe.

Great work Alia - congrats to you and your team.

Friday, August 21, 2009


Mentioned this in an earlier blog post - Mikayla Ares is hosting a party to celebrate the end of the Black Keys Hunt AND her Rez Day!!! YAY!

Party action will include a launcher fight. Don't want to miss that! Here are the details. Hope to see you there.

Date: August 31
Time: 7 PM SLT
Place: Sim where Mikayla's store is located

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tub Talk: It was a dream (or was it?!?!?!?!)

This week Tub Talk was actually hosted at Angie and Cat's swimming pool.

So we are sitting around at Tub Talk - where goofy stuff usually happens. Like... staring contests.
I have to i log, relog... and who knows what happened in the interim...
when I came back, Cat's all..."Gotta tell you my dream!!!" it is! HAHAHAHAHA

[21:57] Polly Paperclip: Hi Ariel!
[21:57] catalina Mistwallow: omg
[21:57] Ariel Wingtips: hi polly
[21:57] catalina Mistwallow: i need to tell you

Cat launches into the telling of last night's dream...

[21:57] catalina Mistwallow: last night

[21:57] catalina Mistwallow:
i had this dream...

[21:58] catalina Mistwallow:
that there was THIRD LIFE

[21:58] catalina Mistwallow:
for people whose second lives are super stressful and need to keep their mind of things

[21:58] catalina Mistwallow: LOL

[21:58] Owly Indigo: wait what? third life?

[21:58] Polly Paperclip: Yes, it's what our AVs do while we play SL!

[21:58] Skarat Lefebvre: regressive lives

[21:58] catalina Mistwallow:
so yeah... i had a dream that there was third life... and wai wanted to DESTROY IT

[21:59] catalina Mistwallow:
and he was like... super evil and powerful

[21:59] catalina Mistwallow:
and had an evil laugh

[21:59] Polly Paperclip: Wai wages war!

[21:59] catalina Mistwallow:
so then we realized

[21:59] catalina Mistwallow:
that wai was the actual inventor of second life

[21:59] catalina Mistwallow:
and was just trying to destroy his enemies

[21:59] catalina Mistwallow:
hahahahaha <--- Not quite EVIL laugh

[21:59] Skarat Lefebvre: well if there was a third life then there would have to be a forth

[22:00] Skarat Lefebvre: just cause

[22:00] catalina Mistwallow:

[22:00] catalina Mistwallow:

[22:00] catalina Mistwallow:
in the dream we were helping wai

[22:00] catalina Mistwallow:
but then we realized he was evil

[22:00] Polly Paperclip: At some point it would become recursive and an AV would be controlling us in RL.

[22:00] catalina Mistwallow:
so we were trying to get away from him

[22:00] catalina Mistwallow:
but he was too powerful

[22:00] Skarat Lefebvre: this sounds like a mathematician on acid
<--ooh math yes that is evil

[22:00] catalina Mistwallow:
LOL it was an awesome dream

[22:01] Polly Paperclip: Cat, that's incredibly elaborate.

[22:01] Owly Indigo: wow

[22:01] Owly Indigo: that is one hell of a dream

[22:01] catalina Mistwallow:
my dreams often are :)

I have gathered evidence that may prove that this is more than a "too many cheesy sunchips" dream.

On September 16, 2008 - I gathered this evidence. While shopping with wai, he quickly darts over to GUMBY's Green desk and tries to log into 3rd life before i notice. I thought he was just logging into Real Life at the time...

On May 18, 2009 I collected this evidence: During a visit at Max and Bloss's place, wai tries to sneak away to log into 3rd life again. I sneak up behind him and suddenly - just a screen saver. Then he laughed, and it was sort of evil...

Or maybe it was just a goofy cat dream...

What do you think?

featuring...Polly Paperclip, Skarat Lefebvre, catalina Mistwallow, Adia Clary, Cyrus000 Vollmar, Owly

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

From the Frying Pan into the Chicken Farm (or Adia and Cat were just fishing)

From the Frying Pan. . .

It was Tuesday, I was not even gonna log into SL. But, Cat made me do it. I happened to see
her plurk, demanding that I log in right now! "ariel, come in! you NEED this! "
Of course.. i NEED I logged in. *WOOSH* i land at some cool store (i'll insert that info later) that was giving away the giant frypan for midnight mania. YAY touch the board - we only need 45 more!
So we start to TP our friends. Of course - we had to find out - how many avies fit in the frypan...

We got up to six before attention span wore out... and I received a TP request from Max saying,
"We need a kid right now!"

To the Chicken Farm. . .
*Woosh* I land at Bloss's Chicken Farm where Max and Bloss are sitting there fiddling with a pose set - that needs... a Kid! SO i shrunk down to mini me.
Tp'd the rest of the crew and hopped on...So Max was taking too long moving the poses around so we started shooting up the place and goofing off. (it's what we dooooooooo!)

[20:05] Ariel Wingtips: so i get this TP that's all "We need a kid now"
[20:06] Ariel Wingtips: max
[20:06] Ariel Wingtips: you are not ready for a kid
[20:07] Ariel Wingtips: at lest not one that builds weapons for fun
[20:07] Blossom Hastings: sounds just like his type of kids.. one that can kick his butt

[20:10] catalina Mistwallow: i will tell adia
[20:10] catalina Mistwallow: who my next victim is
[20:10] Ariel Wingtips: it was the kid... in the air....with a prawn

Cat and Adia..."went Fishing"

[20:11] catalina Mistwallow: adia your hair is cute!
[20:11] Adia Clary: armidi
[20:11] Adia Clary: its vintage
[20:12] catalina Mistwallow: adia, that is super cute!
[20:12] catalina Mistwallow: also... i think i almost just requested to be your partner
[20:12] catalina Mistwallow: by mistake hahahaha
[20:12] Ariel Wingtips: ooh la la
[20:12] Ariel Wingtips: cat's gettin marrieddddddddd
[20:12] Adia Clary: hahah must be the moon
[20:12] catalina Mistwallow snorts < ---- Extra Geek Points for that!
[20:14] catalina Mistwallow: note that i am holding a gun, adia
[20:14] Blossom Hastings: LOLOL
[20:14] catalina Mistwallow: you cannot resist my advances
[20:14] Ariel Wingtips: and she has not even mentioned CHEESE yet
[20:14] Maxmilian Nightfire: cheese!!!
[20:14] catalina Mistwallow: no, cheese comes later
[20:15] Ariel Wingtips: first comes love
[20:15] Ariel Wingtips: then comes cheese
[20:15] catalina Mistwallow is fond of cheese
[20:15] Adia Clary: cheese?
[20:17] catalina Mistwallow: i will take fake cheese over no cheese any day
[20:21] catalina Mistwallow: hey kids, i think adia and i are gonna go consummate our love somewhere else
[20:21] catalina Mistwallow: i am bringing the gun
[20:22] Ariel Wingtips: congrats!
[20:23] catalina Mistwallow: the official story is we're gonna go fishing
[20:23] catalina Mistwallow: if anyone asks, you know nothing
[20:23] Ariel Wingtips: and in the morning - theyr' makin waffles

But we stayed and partied...

(psst: you too can be the proud owner of a Prawn Launcher - the prawns designed by my cool and super silly friend Niko Paolino... check it out at Fire GOOD!!!)
[20:17] Maxmilian Nightfire: hey! only i shoot bloss!
[20:17] Ariel Wingtips: bahahaha
[20:17] Blossom Hastings: HAHAHA
[20:17] Blossom Hastings: looks in book for that rule Rhett & A

Meet Mini Antlered Owly
Isn't she just "Oh SO cute?!?"

Now iz ze time on ze Chicken Farm ven ve Dance!

So some folks left and Adia and Cat were "just fishing." So we joined them.

Then, Max and I decided to go shopping for cool stuff!

So we were having fun shopping and then SL went all wacky and i had to reboot my computer :( bleck. I logged back in later but i'll tell you about that another time. the 2 AM Central/ 12 AM SL Time... a GINORMOUS FRY PAN lands in my inventory!!!! Yes!!!

The End.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Inspiration for my shop name

Some have asked about the name of my shop - Fire GOOD!!! So - here's a scene from the movie that inspired me.

Enjoy - hahaha

Fire GOOD!!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Something about Underpants & Smidge stands there looking all Cool

So Friday late night, I log in and it was just NUTZ. I can't even explain. But, they say "a picture is worth 1000 words" so here are the action shots.

OH Friday's fun featured fire tag - by Parser Lane (his shop is Pro Loon - check it out) and super cute budget T shirts by Nine Warhol - check them out (here's the link to Budget Tees ).

a pause in the action for a photo.... (yeah that was like herding cats too.... hahaha)

the end.

Avies contributing to this nuttiness: Skarat Lefebvre, Maxmilian Nightfire, catalina Mistwallow, Eulalie Helendale, Smidget Beaumont, Wai Aeon, Shaleigh Parx, Owly Indigo, Parser Lane

New Hunts, Free Launchers, and some Action Shots

Fire GOOD!!! is participating in two more hunts that just started August 15th. Here's the scoop on the Hunts & prizes. (Find them at the beachcombers main shop).

The Black Keys Hunt: August 15 - 31st
The theme of this hunt is black and Piano and white, black and white, what sort of prize should i make? I want to do a launcher that packs a huge punch. How about if I just launch Pianos? Oh yeah! and musical notes, and piano benches, oh and the bullets should explode with particle goodness. So yeah.. I did that. Here it is The Piano Launcher.

Launches big bouncy musical notes, pianos that poof musical notes, and piano bench that poofs sheet music. Basically this thing just makes a big black and white musical mess. YAY!

Object to find: Piano Keys.
Hint: Orange space ships are out of this world! (it's soooo easy to find this so go get it!)

The Lovebirds Couple Hunt
So this is a hunt for couples to do together or just do it yourself. You are not hunting birds you are hunting for little blue and pink hearts. My prize is, of course, a launcher but this launcher is a floaty heart bubble - oozing with romance. Yes, you too can float around in a hearty bubble instead walking. Just click the bubble to toggle the heart particles and ooze love. To show just how loving you are you can shoot loving hearts at your honey in mouse view. How romantic is that?!?
Simply wear the Floating Bubble and turn off your AO to float around in a heart instead of walking. Click your bubble (or have your honey click your bubble ooo la la). Shoot lovey dovey hearts at your desired target in mouse view.

Object to find: Pink & Blue Hearts
Hint: This is not hard to find! Want to fight?

Action Shots
Here are action shots from the making and testing of these new fun toys. (testing is always fun when you get to shoot at other avies and make big messes hahaha).

So this is the bubble - if you are just floating around all calm and in love and stuff. Testing the click on click off love particles. woo hooooo. If you are a clicking addict like some of my friends, you probably need this.
Here is a test I did at my shop. Just shot the place up with some love.

So Friday night, I was shooting up my shop - double time (wore the bubble AND The piano launcher together - totally coordinated too), when Mikayla Ares, organizer of The Black Keys hunt showed up. She must have stopped by to grab the prize. So tonight (Sunday), when I finally logged in, I got this IM from Mikayla (totally cracked me up).

[22:56] Mikayla Ares: (Saved Mon Aug 17 00:30:55 2009) omg ur piano thrower has me in tears lmao i jsut decided now i want to throw a party on my stores sim and have a huge piano keys fight for end of hunt lmao

So...stay tuned for info on that party - cause DANG!!!! Launcher parties ROCK! I'll post that info as soon as I get it. OR...check out The Black Keys Hunt Blog.

OK more action shots...because Friday Night, we had a little quick launcher party of our own at my place.

Pictured: Eulalie Helendale, Wai Aeon, Catalina Mistwallow, Ariel Wingtips