Thursday, December 31, 2009


It's cold in Minnesota...below zero wind chills lately.  Thankfully, it's warm in SL.  Last night I got to hang out with my friends at a nice warm beach (in rl my toes were freezing, so my friend Owly suggested we find something warm in SL...AWESOME idea!).  I don't remember where we went, but it looked super cool on midnight.

Since I can't go outside and ride my bike, I stay in and goof off and build weird things in SL.  I like building stuff for hunt themes, it challenges me.  Two hunts start on the 1st.  The 40 Below Hunt and the New Year Resolutions Hunt. 

Speaking of New Year Resolutions - I don't know about you, but my SL inventory is an abyss of madness.  When I go in there to look for something I let people know. . . just in case I don't come back out - they can send a search party after me.  It's filled with yummy experiments and explosions and things I have collected in hunts, and gifts, and land marks and note cards, and unfinished stuff, and ... and..and... IN 2010 I want to get that inventory cleaned up  - or at least manageable. here's the scoop on the hunt prizes and new stuff.

A new hunt starts tomorrow - for the 40 Below Hunt - I created two prizes - a glittery snowflake outfit

and a hot cocoa marshmallow launcher. 

Drink your yummy cocoa and when you are warmed up from the chocolatey goodnes, blast marshmallows at your friends in celebration!  This one is easy to find...  Look for the chilly snowman oddly placed near the beachball blaster.  (I put it there because it has nothing to do with winter!) 

Find the snowman at Fire GOOD!!! Beachcombers.


For the New Years Resolution Hunt, I created an explosive reminder of what I resolve to do in the new year for SL....clean up that inventory. 

Just wear this and whenever you teleport somewhere to play or goof off or do more shopping reminds you to clean up that dang inventory.  This is also available at the main location for Fire GOOD!!!

My friend catalina Mistwallow is really into cheese.  She talks about cheese a lot.  She even blogged about the cheese store we found one night while hunting.  At a recent holiday party, there was a lot of talk about cheese, eating cheese, varieties of cheese, cutting the cheese. 

SO as usual, I was inspired by my friends and goofing off.

New at Fire GOOD!!! can LAUNCH the cheese! A fun party cheese tray launches cheese in mouse view.  Includes cheddar, gouda, goat cheese, and blue cheese - the tray also has a nice little cheese knife  - for when you need to CUT THE CHEESE! hahaha (yeah I have a juvenile sense of humor).

Stop by Fire GOOD!!! pick up some hunt prizes, and maybe you will find something fun to play with - have fun!!!

Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Life is Good and so is Cheese and so is sitting on the moon

Tonight I got to hang out in SL for a little bit tough day in RL... 

I was a little bummed to find out that by the time I logged in, I had missed my friends Max and Blossom's sudden wedding.  BUT, I showed up anyway and got to dance the last dance with the bride.  So YAY. 

...and Krissie gave me some chapstick which was awesome cause my lips hurt real bad.  GOSH!!!

Congratulations Max & Bloss!  Hugs :)
  So then I logged out for a while, back again later....and after the crash...Ended up in a place called Life is GOOD  - which is a good thing to remember on days like this.  This is a neat sim to explore, very pretty.  I need to go back some time.  

We rode on a pig (very slowly).

Then sat on the are the action shots...

Tha'ts all :)

it's way past my bed time.  Nite nite.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Festivus PLUS

So i log tp tp im im....suddenly a the not so secret lab high above the DAAAANG Kingdom of Launchia is transformed into a cozy party place.

  • Gingerbread Men
  • Gumdrops
  • Popcorn
  • and Tatertots are served (launched).

We decide to celebrate FESTIVUS ....

Complete with the aluminum Festivus Pole, Airing of Grievances, and Feats of strength and labeling easily explainable events as a Festivus Miracle.

Feats of Strength:

The Airing of Grievances (and other stuff)

The Festivus Pole

The Festivus Cheese

More Feats of Strength

Festivus Miracles

Some more Festivus Miracles....

[20:49]  catalina Mistwallow: also, i got my cheesy popcorn! yay!

[21:19]  Owly Indigo: ariel blogged! festivus miracle!

Happy Festivus!

and Merry Christmas -you all are awesome!  hugs :)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Holiday Brainstorm... "Not my Gum Drop Buttons!!!"

I had a little creative here's a new launcher - inspired by one of my favorite movies (it's not really a holiday movie, you may be able to guess it by this line.. "Not my gumdrop buttons!!!!").  This is a sweet cookie sheet with a gingerbread man that shoots gingerbread cookies and gum drop buttons in mouse view.  I love it because the gingerbread man looks totally freaked out.

I also got into an explosion mood and created a series of particle effect poofers.  For me, making explosions was a very good way to recover from an intense frenzy of Christmas Shopping.  I hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed making them. 

Christmas Explosions

also available in light blue, pink, and violet.

Candy Cane Explosion



Peace on Earth Effect


also available in Yellow.

Check these out at Fire GOOD!!! main shop at Beachcombers.

Happy Holidays!



Sunday, December 20, 2009

Crazy on Ice! The Hallelujah Azul Skate Party

Gwendolyn Bieler hosted a really awesome skate party Thursday Night on the Hallelujah Azul sim.  The party featured tunes, santa, gifts, skating, falling, laughing, hot cocoa, cookies, accidental mooning, freely roaming wildlife, goofing off, and of course LAUNCHING.  You never know what is going to happen when people get together at the Jittery Junco, but it is always a lot of fun.

So when I first got to the party, it was like this...People skating, chatting with santa, flinging snowballs, and some random staring.

I went to visit Santa.  Put in my order for a puppy.

Check out Gwen's stuff at Gwendolyn Bieler Interior Design

Now....commence skating and launching... SL played a really mean trick on cat and stole her pants during the launch fest.  EEEEEK.   Nine really got into the launching - he was serving up a mess of sugar cookies - and tried to do some matrix stunt moves on the ice - from the photo I cannot tell whether this was successful...What do you think?

Check out all of the SKILLS on the ice!

 The skating got really wild for a little while when the animals joined in.
Someone let a tiger loose on the ice and dogs were running everywhere.  (Probably due to all the cookies flying everywhere...what dog or tiger can pass up giant sugar cookies?)

We had a close call toward the end of the party when we were invaded by the stay puft marshmallow man, but Javi, and Nine helped to contain the monster with a giant cup of cocoa and saved the day.  PLUS  - how YUMMY is that cocoa gonna be with all that extra marshmallow!?!?!

Another happy's pants came back...

The party was great fun.  Thanks Gwen for such a wonderful time.

Monday, December 14, 2009


I baked you some cookies!

The Sharing and Caring Hunt starts tomorrow. So - this is the prize from Fire GOOD!!!
This sweet little tray of holiday sugar cookies will help you to share a bunch of big bouncy sugar cookies with all your pals in mouseview.  Isn't that sweet?
To get this one go to Fire GOOD!!! at Beachcombers and look for the bell.  (it's not hard to find - think - food fight).

have fun ;)

Friday, December 11, 2009

The Bearded Hunting Party

Here's an awesome beard sighting.

Reminded me a bit of Doctor Suess.
That's all for now.

The Beard Launcher - great for wearing, launching, hunting...
Get the cool beard launcher at Fire GOOD!!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Beard of Wonder

It all began with this plurk yesterday, from my friend PT.

Now that looked like a fun challenge - so I got to work.   I TP'd PT (i love saying that) and Owly and Nine to the Kingdom of Launchia for a hairy launch fest to try out the new toy. 

This beard has skills:
  • trendy and fashionable
  • hairy
  • click to change with a color change menu - so you can be a blue beard, gray beard, barbie pink beard, white santa like beard, black beard. . . 
  • in mouse view you can launch a mess of bouncy beards at your friends
  • temporary crumb storage for when you are eating cookies
Here are the action shots:
I chose to wear the beard with my dang barbie pink outfit - yay my beard looks like cotton candy!

Nine chose to wear the beard in black - he looks like a mischevious fisherman.  He sort of stood there wondering how much trouble he could get into with his new beard.... 

It did not take long to find out.  Oh - and another wonderful feature of this beard - when Nine arrived at the Kingdom of Launchia he was smoking, when he put the beard on, he magically quit smoking.  YAY.  Good for your avatar health!

Owly chose to wear a blue beard and declared that she looked awesome.  Then shot beards at everyone!

"Tip toe through the facial hair..."

Beards beards everywhere!  It got a bit hairy but was all fun!

The Beard Launcher is now available at Beachcombers and Hallelujah Azul Fire GOOD!!! locations.