Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Alien Invasions

Having a lot of fun with the floaty space ship. If you do not have one yet, you have no excuse - go get one! The spaceship is FREE this month as a hunt gift for the Sci-Fi & Fantasie Hunt at Fire GOOD!!! beachcombers. Just look for the starry orb - it is (not really hidden) near some other orb floaty things.

Here are some pictures of recent alien invasions.

Aliens Invade Hallelujah Azul
So as soon as I finished the spaceship, I TP'dNine Warhol over to my place for a test. PT Beardmore joined shortly after that. We flew around testing the fire and particle effects. WOOT!
pictured here: Nine Warhol and Ariel Wingtips in front of Fire GOOD!!! in Hallelujah Azul

Not So Secret - Secret Lab
Of course invasions are more fun when you have more invaders, so I TP'd a bunch of folks to my "not so secret - secret lab" where we were all getting set up with space ships.
pictured here: Nine Warhol, Wai Aeon, Niko Paolino, Vella Vyper, Dyllan Ashdene, Ariel Wingtips

Aliens Invade Costa Rica
Field Trip ....we invaded Costa Rica WOO HOO!
Look how pretty this place is!

pictured here: Alexzel3D Chesnokov, Wai Aeon, Nine Warhol, Vella Vyper, Ariel Wingtips - somewhere in the Costa Rica rain forest

Soooo fun...then SL Crashed hahahahaha!

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