Monday, August 17, 2009

New Hunts, Free Launchers, and some Action Shots

Fire GOOD!!! is participating in two more hunts that just started August 15th. Here's the scoop on the Hunts & prizes. (Find them at the beachcombers main shop).

The Black Keys Hunt: August 15 - 31st
The theme of this hunt is black and Piano and white, black and white, what sort of prize should i make? I want to do a launcher that packs a huge punch. How about if I just launch Pianos? Oh yeah! and musical notes, and piano benches, oh and the bullets should explode with particle goodness. So yeah.. I did that. Here it is The Piano Launcher.

Launches big bouncy musical notes, pianos that poof musical notes, and piano bench that poofs sheet music. Basically this thing just makes a big black and white musical mess. YAY!

Object to find: Piano Keys.
Hint: Orange space ships are out of this world! (it's soooo easy to find this so go get it!)

The Lovebirds Couple Hunt
So this is a hunt for couples to do together or just do it yourself. You are not hunting birds you are hunting for little blue and pink hearts. My prize is, of course, a launcher but this launcher is a floaty heart bubble - oozing with romance. Yes, you too can float around in a hearty bubble instead walking. Just click the bubble to toggle the heart particles and ooze love. To show just how loving you are you can shoot loving hearts at your honey in mouse view. How romantic is that?!?
Simply wear the Floating Bubble and turn off your AO to float around in a heart instead of walking. Click your bubble (or have your honey click your bubble ooo la la). Shoot lovey dovey hearts at your desired target in mouse view.

Object to find: Pink & Blue Hearts
Hint: This is not hard to find! Want to fight?

Action Shots
Here are action shots from the making and testing of these new fun toys. (testing is always fun when you get to shoot at other avies and make big messes hahaha).

So this is the bubble - if you are just floating around all calm and in love and stuff. Testing the click on click off love particles. woo hooooo. If you are a clicking addict like some of my friends, you probably need this.
Here is a test I did at my shop. Just shot the place up with some love.

So Friday night, I was shooting up my shop - double time (wore the bubble AND The piano launcher together - totally coordinated too), when Mikayla Ares, organizer of The Black Keys hunt showed up. She must have stopped by to grab the prize. So tonight (Sunday), when I finally logged in, I got this IM from Mikayla (totally cracked me up).

[22:56] Mikayla Ares: (Saved Mon Aug 17 00:30:55 2009) omg ur piano thrower has me in tears lmao i jsut decided now i want to throw a party on my stores sim and have a huge piano keys fight for end of hunt lmao

So...stay tuned for info on that party - cause DANG!!!! Launcher parties ROCK! I'll post that info as soon as I get it. OR...check out The Black Keys Hunt Blog.

OK more action shots...because Friday Night, we had a little quick launcher party of our own at my place.

Pictured: Eulalie Helendale, Wai Aeon, Catalina Mistwallow, Ariel Wingtips