Wednesday, August 31, 2011

"I launched you this Delicious Bass"

One of my all time favorite movies is Napoleon Dynamite.  It makes me LOL every time I see it. The closing scene inspired this:
"I caught you a delicious bass."
The LOL Hunt starts tomorrow more info no the hunt is available on the hunt sign at the shop.

Here's the hint:
"Cheese makes you strong.. behold the power of CHEESE"

Find the LOL hunt prize at FIRE GOOD!!! main store and launch some delicious fish at your friends.

Just try it.  GOSH!


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Want some DONUTS??

Mmmmmmmm Tempting.

float around in this donut tempting your friends, launch a sweet treat at them in mouse view.

The Letter of the Week is "D" and the Fire GOOD!!! Floating DONUT Launcher is on sale for 50L August 26-28.

Just wear it, turn your AO off, and float around in a fabulous yummy donut.  Flames when you fly!  Launch yummy sweet bouncy donuts at your friends in mouse view.

Also, my other brand, Empyreal Dreams is offering this DELIGHTFUL little pink fairy for 1/2 price as a part of this LOW Sale.

More info on that here.

Check out the LOW Blog for other shops participating in this week's promotion here.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ultimate Cartoon Action Boxing Collection - SALE

The Letter of the Week is "U" and Fire GOOD!!! is offering the Cartoon Action Boxing Glove Collection - all 9 sets for  Sale price of $L350 for the Letter of the Week ("LOW") sales event through August 21.
Huge boxing gloves with punching and kicking animation and cartoon action particle effects.

Stop by and grab a collection.  They are transferrable so you can share with your friends, have a cartoon action boxing party.  Makes a great gift.

Available at Fire GOOD!!! main store on Ctrl Shift H and also on the Market Place.

Check out the LOW blog for information about other vendors participating in this week's sale.


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Peaster's Castle - Mad Pea Hunt Prizes at Fire GOOD!!!

The MAD PEAS Peasters Castle Hunt has begun - you don't want to miss this fun hunt!

Fire GOOD!!! is providing two prizes for this hunt - one prize is in the hunt prize hidden somewhere in the Fire GOOD!!! store and the other is available when you visit the Prize Vault at the end of the hunt where you can get additional gifts for finishing the hunt.
Gazing on all of the fabulous prizes filling the Mad Peas Prize Vault
Purchase a HUD and get information about this hunt from the kiosk at the entrance of the Fire GOOD!!! main store.

Fire GOOD!!! Prizes:
the prize for finding the key at Fire GOOD!!! store is this fun floaty gumball machine gumball blaster.
Float around and blast gum balls at your buddies.
just wear this gumball machine and float around shooting gumballs at your friends
If you finish the hunt you can get two fat packs of rocket feet - there are two prizes one for the men one for the ladies - following is a picture of rocket feet - each pack has four colors. Flames when you fly! YAY!
Fire GOOD!!! Final Prize for Mad Peas Hunt.

~Empyreal Dreams~ Prizes:
My other store, Empyreal Dreams, is also providing two prizes for this hunt, both inspired by the 3D Illustration of The Owl and the Pussycat. (visit that build by clicking the teleports in the hub area).
here is the prize to find in the Empyreal Dreams Art Anthology Hub
When you finish the hunt you can get this from the prize vault.
magical bong fruit antlers    

SWEET LOW Sale Items from Fire GOOD!!!

The Letter of the Week is "S" and Fire GOOD!!! has some SWEET Stuff on sale for this week's event August 12th - 14th.

SWEET Cupcake Launcher

SWEET Ice Cream Cone Launcher

Lips like SUGAR sweet explosion.
On sale at Fire GOOD!!! main store on the Home Sim (Ctrl Shift H).

Check out all of the other vendors participating in this sale here.