Friday, August 14, 2009

Special Feature: The Making Of... AND Satisfashion Give Away!!

Making the Ultimate SOFA Fort Video

This was so random, so unexpected, so FUN!!!!! I Love Redd Columbia's work in second life (check out RC Cluster) and especially her "gut bustingly" ('bustingly' is that a word? if not, should be) funny videos. My favorite is the "LUNCH" video - which I watched over and over and laughed until I couldn't breathe. Then I RAN to RC Cluster's shop to grab some LUNCH. (the GLITTER one of course).

So i saw a goofy plurk late last night that made me want to log back into SL (CAT made me do usual).

As soon as i logged in I received a "YAY!!!!" tp just followed it.

*whoooooosh* I land at the Jittery Junco and lots of people are there. Clear the windows. Hi Hi Hi....Hello...Hi....and realized OH GEEZ!!! I am still an alein!
oh well...goof off , goof off ... Cat exclaims "REDD is making a video" everyone is all, "TP TP TP!"

So we land at Redd's place and she starts snapping photos. Suddenly, we are transformed into...


We have NO idea . . what is the plot of this video?
But, Owly and I are glad we arrived in costume. Oh wait, Owly's is not a costume.
Scenes from the making of The Ultimate Sofa Fort Video.

Totally COOOOOOL. OH and Redd gave us the ultimate sofa fort too!!! I LOVE it!

check out our awesome acting skills on this video

Big Satisfashion Give Away at Fire GOOD!!!

So during the movie making Alia Rabeni IM's and says - hey lets give away Satisfashion VIP Passes... SO... as soon as the movie was done...WHOOOOSH - I popped over to my not so secret - secret lab in the sky and sent out a LM and group messages "Free Satisfashion Hunt VIP Passes to the first 10 to tp into my shop..." (it was very late at night so I didn't know if anyone would even show up...)

But they DID!!! YAY... so Mikhail Meriman showed up in a HOT RED Spaceship and started handing out Satisfashion VIP Passes to the crowd.
Here's an action shot from the got too busy for more pics...

OH and also i gave away "GO TIT" (it's a TYPO) poofers and the new Fire GOOD!!! Floating BeachBall Blasters to the folks that came out to the shop. I lost count quickly (I am not very numbery) so I don't know how many showed up - but THANKS!!! to all who did! YAY!!! Thanks Mik and Ali!!!!! Satisfashion ROCKS!!!

After all the excitement, I rezzed my new ultimate sofa fort in the shop. Then we went to RC Cluster withSkarat Lefebvre and Reina Benoir...passed through security and had fun playing with all the stuff.....
Another Fun Night!!!


  1. YAY! that was fun! do more do more

  2. hahah i love that my BUTT has its own little comment