Thursday, August 13, 2009

Rocking Horse Race? Hamster Dance? WOAH - What Happened?

Some Craziness just can't be fully explained, but here's an attempt.

It was late, I thought I missed Tub Talk. I logged into SL, and instantly received TP request to some mysterious place. I landed, Wai and Cy said hello, Cat complimented me on my new cool outfit, which I had forgotten I was wearing. (love it from Ali Couture YAY - it matches my hot red fire - yeah I accessorize with particles). I finally cleared all the windows from first logging in so i could see and found that I landed in Cat's bedroom. She and Cy and Wai were sitting on a rocking horse.

(SO...Cat REALLY liked my outfit...STOP TOUCHING ME! Hahaha - I think she was stuck...or was she????)

SWEET!!! We totally need to do a stress test. Our gang does this from time to time - the object is to see just how many avatars fit on the selected object, usually a lamp of some sort.

Oh, yeah,it was the first time trying the stress test with Cat. I am not sure she understood the point of the stress test. HAHAHA Check this out!
So we started tping folks.

Remember - the object is to see how many avatars fit on a single rocking horse.

SO...max and owly jump on (hahaha looks like they "merged")
wai and cy jump off

Cat rezzes another rocking horse

a couple jump on that one's about getting everyone on the same horse!
(check out the coordination of the flames!! yeah! Fire GOOD!!! )
Cat rezzes another one! hahahaha outta control.

OHHHHH maybe we should have a rocking horse race!!!!!

This gives Max an idea...he decides to rez his balls. Let's race those...

So while the gang is running the exercise balls over to my place, I quickly rez a hamster cage with exercise wheel. Eula jumps into a hamster wheel and starts running.

Hmmm - what if we had a bunch of these??? The Hamster Dance Squares...
What is everyone doing? Anything can happen!

(an up close look at wai's training activities)

Hamster Dance!!! Ooh Yeah - DISCO! (looks cool on midnight.. I just love "glowy" stuff)

WOO HOO! So we danced a while, goofed off some more, folks logged off and the rest of us hopped in our spaceships flew over to Beachcombers and buzzed the big Buddah.

Another fun night! Only in SL. YAY

(Mischief makers featured in this blog: Cyrus000 Vollmar, Catalina Mistwallow, Eulalie Helendale, Blossom Hastings, Maxmilian Nightfire, Owly Indigo, PT Beardmore, Wai Aeon. Thanks for the fun gang!)


  1. I really love all of the little arrows with comments you added to the photos. This post made me LOL. Best ever! YAY! I love SL for its weird, fun randomness.

  2. "random color changing glittery disco bananas left over from a previous building tutorial (don't ask)"

    that ... for me ... was the best part ... EVER