Saturday, August 22, 2009

Satisfashion. . .

Just posting a quickie.... my friend Alia has organized probably the coolest hunt yet... If you have not done this hunt yet, you should. There is still time, the hunt does not end until August 31st. Go to Ali's shop and get a VIP pass and check out all the cool shops along the hunt trail. There are around 70 shops in the hunt give or take, a lot of brilliant designers.

From the organization, marketing, promotion, to shop selection, and continual coverage of the hunt, it is by far the best hunt I have participated in as a vendor. As a hunter (and i am a terrible hunter) I have really enjoyed this one.

How to:
Go to my shop...and click the hunt poster for information on how to get a 50L VIP Pass and join the group. are gonna look for sweet little hangers.
Wear your VIP Pass and Group tag - click the hanger and *PRESTO* you get a cool prize. Yay!!! Then look in the prize folder, go to the LM inside for the next spot, and *whoosh* you are in the next place looking for a cute little hanger! EZ As that.

Here's the prize at my shop...Hot Pink Flames.... accessorized, of course, with a flaming particle effect. Because in SL - FLAMES CAN BE WHATEVER COLOR I WANT!

More info on the Satisfashion blog.

So you may be wondering, "How does she do it?" How does Alia accomplish all this awesome stuff? theory....and now I have evidence that just may prove it... She is an alien with out of this world skills and magic.
Or maybe she is just a really creative, fun, and bright woman. Yeah that's it! Hehehehehe.

Great work Alia - congrats to you and your team.

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