Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Spontaneous Epic Launcher War (or what's with Cat and all the Cardboard?)

I don't totally remember how this happened, but it started with one of those random TP's at log i ended up at Cat's house we sat around chatting for a bit, I was showing off my new balance book and balancing skills. It didn't take long for epic launcher war to break out.

It started in the living room. . .
with cooties, noob boyfriends, and more cowbell.
Cupcakes, Avatar Power Buttons, Super Prawn Launcher Showdown
As more folks joined in the launchness got weirder... cupcakes were served. . . Niko bought an avatar power button... a must have for this season's fashion.
[21:37] Niko Paolino: ahahahha
[21:37] Ariel Wingtips: PRAWN OVERLOAD
[21:37] Niko Paolino: NO SUCH THING

The war for the Bedroom. . . what's with this chick and cardboard?

Interestingly, this Battle was contained
here are some aerial shots from outside cat's house... and the neighborhood is STILL STANDING!

The battle moves to the pool! Hippo Booty is a GOOD TARGET!!!
So the battle moved to the pool, where pianos, love, pumpkins and other crazy stuff continued to fly. Meanwhile, I practiced my balancing skills, and a giant hippo jumped into the pool and entertained us with dancing skills.

[21:39] Vella Vyper: you shot my booty!
[21:39] Vella Vyper: haha
[21:39] Ariel Wingtips: well your hippo booty is hard to miss
[21:39] Vella Vyper: I need to eat less grass
[21:40] Ariel Wingtips: daaaaaaaaang
[21:40] Owly Indigo: oh man I love this piano launcher so hard
[21:40] Niko Paolino: daaaaang

Launching promotes LOVE!!!
[21:37] Vella Vyper: haha
[21:37] Wai Aeon: i love you guys
[21:37] Owly Indigo: hehe
[21:38] catalina Mistwallow: we love you, too! :)
[21:40] Wai Aeon: owly, how U doin
[21:40] catalina Mistwallow: LOL
[21:40] Owly Indigo: hello wai
[21:40] Owly Indigo: ;-)
[21:40] Owly Indigo: pretty good
[21:40] Wai Aeon: (awkward moment)
[21:41] Owly Indigo: how *U* doin?
[21:41] catalina Mistwallow: he is full of love for you
[21:41] Owly Indigo: indeed!
[21:41] catalina Mistwallow points at love bubble
[21:41] Wai Aeon: silence fills the air
[21:41] catalina Mistwallow: yes
[21:41] Owly Indigo: *crickets*
[21:41] Wai Aeon: tumbleweeds
[21:41] Wai Aeon: and dancing hippo
[21:41] catalina Mistwallow watches the wai-owly interaction with interest

Launching brings such Joy
[21:38] Niko Paolino: yay
[21:38] Owly Indigo: this is kind of the best
[21:38] catalina Mistwallow: YESSSSSS
[21:38] Ariel Wingtips: yesssssssssssss
[21:38] Owly Indigo: I dn't know why launching gives me such joy
[21:38] Niko Paolino: yeessss
[21:38] Vella Vyper: weeeeeeee
[21:38] catalina Mistwallow: HAHAHAHAHAHAH
[21:38] Niko Paolino: cuz ut's awesome

The Balance Book promotes advanced Balancing Skills
After all that practicing with the book... look what I can do now!!! SWEET!

Power Down with the Avatar Power Button
I love the Avatar Power Button - by Ed Bumstead - we have so much fun with this thing - and now our community is filled with "click addicts." Just wear the button and folks can click the button to turn you on and off. Here's an action shot from the end of the launcher war. ..
So - get an Avatar Power Button - it makes ED happy!
[20:31] Ariel Wingtips: hey ed
[21:48] Ariel Wingtips: we are having a massive launcher war
[21:48] Ariel Wingtips: and earlier it was a click fest
[21:48] Ed Bumstead: lol
[21:48] Ed Bumstead: oh?
[21:48] Ariel Wingtips: your power button has become a part of the social fabric of our sim
[21:48] Ariel Wingtips: it's nutz
[21:48] Ed Bumstead: lol
[21:48] Ed Bumstead: Nice
[21:49] Ed Bumstead: It's one of the reasons it's so cheap, it's so much fun, and yet so simple
[21:49] Ariel Wingtips: absolutely
[21:49] Ed Bumstead: I like seeing it on people
[21:49] Ed Bumstead: Makes me happy
<---- fun. . . simple. . . cheap. . . get one!!!!!
[21:49] Ariel Wingtips: yay

All in all a Crazy Awesome Time... I am still left wondering...what's up with CAT and all the Cardboard?

Participants in this Epic Episode of Pandemonium: Catalina Mistwallow, Niko Paulino, Maxmilian Nightfire, Owly Indigo, Cyrus000 Vollmar, Vella Vyper, Skarat Lefebvre, Mikayla Ares, Ariel Wingtips

Credits for goofy props contributing to this episode of pandemonium:
Launchers from Fire GOOD!!!
The Avatar Power Button by Ed Bumstead (get one... at Fire GOOD!!! or Ed's Creations - make him happy!)
The Balance Book by Redd Columbia - crazy awesome - check out her shop RC Cluster
The Nutty Peanut Launcher, by Maxmilian Nightfire (also available at Fire GOOD!!!)
Lots of Cardboard Goodies from not sure where...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Construction zone FOOD FIGHT!

The main Fire GOOD!!! location at Beachcombers has been remodeled a bit. Here's my construction duds..for anyone interested in my incredible fashion sense. It's all about the hard doubles as a helmet. Oh and accessories...I was carrying around a piggy bank - just in case I need to make change, you never know. It was Bob the cootie's idea.

In the midst of all the construction, of course, we had to stop for a little lunch break. My friends, Vella Vyper and Nine Warrhol stopped by for some launch mania.

I just finished a series of four food fighter launchers. I had the munchies while building, it happens. These are yummy. So we had a little food fight.
Here's Nine, self proclaimed, "Fire GOOD!!! Supah Model" showing off the collection all at once!!! Here's the result of Nine's new ensemble.
With all that junk food goodness... popcorn, corn dogs, jello shots, caramel apples...mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. . . I bet you're hungry now!

All these new launchers are available at Fire GOOD!!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Avast, me hearties and me cooties!!! YARR!

Well tomorrow is International Talk Like a Pirate Day. I be ready t' look like a pirate while I attempt to talk like a pirate.

So as i was pulling together my pirate-y look, i realized, that my shoulder pet, Bob, was not looking pirate-y at all.
Bob and I just finished building two new store locations last night, so we were all geared up for construction.

Well - I had to fix this. . . "me cootie bug be now a pirate" YAR!!!
So in honor of this festive day, the cootie bug shoulder pet has been slightly enhanced. Available at Beachcombers, Hallelujah Azul, and Harlow Fire GOOD!!! locations. . . only 25l - have fun swarming your friends with cooties.. YAR!!

Oh and you can pick up this fancy T shirt too (also 25L). I drew the pirate all by myself!
So after i finished building the cootie bug... I was like, "hmmm now what?"
Well I am dressed like a pirate, attempting to talk like a pirate, someone needs to walk the plank. So i made a bigger cootie...
Then wai showed up and decided to help! YAY!! (MUHAHAHA)

HAPPY Talk Like a Pirate Day Mateys!!! YARR!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Freaky Nerd Spiders and HOT HOT HOT Chilis

September 15th begins two more hunts. Yes, Hunt Mania is running wild!

Freaked Out Hunt
The Freaked Out hunt is all about . . . STUFF THAT FREAKS US OUT! For me, it's S P I D E R S...they just make my toes curl. While I was building this prize I noticed that my feet were all freaked just playing with a virtual spider. EEK!!! SO - I made them sort of nerdy so I would be less scared. LOL.
Freaked Out hunt runs from September 15th through October 5th. Just find the hypodermic needle at my main shop (hint: look down and don't step on the spiders) for the super fun Freaky Nerd Spider Launcher. Launches a variety of fantastic and nerdtastic spiders in mouse view. Great fun at parties or just to freak out your friends.

The Nerdy Spiders don't bite, but they do STARE!

Harlow Sim-wide "Too Hot to Handle Hunt"
The Harlow sim is having a hunt starting September 15th and going through September 30th. In this hunt, you are looking for little hot chili peppers. Just wander around the sim, picking pixel prize peppers for cool stuff.

I have hidden three peppers in my Fire GOOD!!! Harlow location - with the following Hot prizes.

hot hot hot T shirt - looks hot on my dude avie. He's looking off to the side like "i'm so smokin!" Includes multiple layers.
Hot Hot Hot Bikini with a hot chilis particle effect. Spicy!

You'll always arive in style when you arrive in an explosion of chilis. Awesome!

So grab these goodies at the Harlow Location of Fire GOOD!!!

Satisfashion Sidewalk Sale & Other Hunt Stuff
At the Satisfashion Head Quarters, I have the Beach Ball Blaster on sale for 50l as a part of the sidewalk sale. Lots of great designers offering lots of great deals. Check it out!

The Love Birds Hunt ends tomorrow, so last chance to get the lovey dovey floaty heart that shoots lovey dovey hearts....for free!

There are also two other hunts going on - the Freaky Fall Hunt (prize is a brain launcher), and the Game Day Hunt (Prize is a football bomber...launches flaming footballs). So if you haven't yet, stop into the main shop for some free launchers! It's good to be prepared - you never know when you will NEED to shoot brains or footballs or loveydovey hearts at someone.

Oh and here's a preview of some of the spidery stuff in the works. I'll tell you more about that later.

Have Fun!

(. . . and watch out for spiders! EEK!)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Everything Blue and Some Other Things Too

So while i was chatting with my friends Owly Indigo and Wai Aeon, I had a random idea, "Everything blue in the Hallelujah Azul shop should be on sale." So...whooooosh... I popped over to the shop and started setting the blue stuff at 1/2 off.

Like space ships and rocket feet.
. . . and Cartoon Action boxing gloves and feather explosions.
It's the "Everything Blue and Some Other Things Too" 50% off sale at the Hallelujah Azul location of Fire GOOD!!!

Stop over and check it out ...the blue stuff is 1/2 off. There is some non blue stuff on sale too just because...

So look for stuff that is blue or stuff that has blue in it... to find the sale items.
Even the Porta Potty Launcher on the top floor... yeah 1/2 off!!!

You KNOW you need one of these!!!

There's more but you'll have to find it in the shop.

have fun!!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Hunt Scoop (psssst FREE LAUNCHERS YEAH!)

Freaky Fall hunt started September 1st. Stop by the Fire GOOD!!! main shop and find the jack-o-lantern to get the brain launcher. It's hiding out near a big COOTIE BUG, easy to find.
September 7th begins the Game Day Hunt. Find the (American Style) The price for this hunt is a football that is a launcher - shoots big huge bouncy colorful flaming footballs in mouse view. Even though the hunt doesn't officially begin until the 7th, it's already out in the go get it! Yay!!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

This is your brain on SL

I got a new brain.
So i took my brain to a party (that just sort of happened last night). Max wanted to stress test an innertube... that's where the tomfoolery begins... Cat posted some action shots of that here on her blog). So after we did that (oh we got six on the tube AND found out that when you shoot the tube with big BRAINS, you can make it fly even with five avatars on it. Now THAT is some BRAIN POWER!!! I did not take pictures because I was focused on shooting brains not photos, so you will just have to get your own brain and try it yourself - it's fun).
We ended up launching ourselves into space and skydiving over and over. (skydiving happens - it's good to always be prepared). Here are some skydiving action shots...

On the way down, I had a brainstorm. Decided to become a flying nun...
Then.... we needed some COFFEE!!! So we did a dive at the favorite COHO on Hallelujah Azul.
Danced a little, goofed off a little, then decided to go shopping. . . FIELD TRIP!!!here we demonstrate how to bahahahaha

Contributors to the nuttiness of this blog post: Catalina Mistwallow, Owly Indigo, Vella Vyper, Maxmilian Nightfire, Jeffo Pelous, Alia Rabeni, and a brain from Abby Someone.