Tuesday, August 11, 2009

SPACE INVADERS OF SL (colossal length post)

As soon as i logged into SL last night, I was TP'd to the botanical gardens where the gang was waiting to get into mischief. This is the first time in a long time that the gang has all been online around the same time... Awesomeness!!! When I arrived i was greeted by: Wai Aeon, Vella Vyper, Lizza Nikolaidis, Cyrus000 Vollmar, Maxmilian Nightfire.

So...i made sure everyone had spaceships. (Very important) We decided to fly around Botanical Gardens, greeting earthlings and assimilating avies for our space invader mission.

Mission 1: Botanical Gardens Landing Point.
This is where i used to "live" - before i had a place of my own in SL. It is
where i met most of my best friends. YAY great memories. :)
OOH - looks cool on midnight...

So...here's how assimilation begins...

[19:35] Lynne Lowey: nice spaceship Ariel!

*tells her how to get spaceship*

ooh and also at the landing point - I saw my friend Shaleigh Parx...

[19:46] Ariel Wingtips: shal?
[19:46] Ariel Wingtips: we have come to assimilate you
[19:46] Shaleigh Parx: well hello everybody
[19:46] Ariel Wingtips: resistance is futile

*gives Shal a spaceship*

Meanwhile Lynne returns from her mission to find the free spaceship at Fire GOOD!!!

[19:50] Ariel Wingtips: did you find the spaceship lynn?
[19:50] Lynne Lowey: woohoo! i can be an alien now too

Yay!!! another one!

While Shal was getting her spaceship going, I tp'd in and assimilated Rhett Breen, and

catalina Mistwallow.

[19:57] Lynne Lowey: i just sent the lm to my bf...
[19:57] Lynne Lowey: he will soon be assimilated also

Lynne assimilated her bf! hahaha

[19:58] Lizza Nikolaidis: You guys give space invaders a whole new meaning
[19:59] Maxmilian Nightfire: lol. yes. we invade your personal space!

Botanical Gardens Space Invader Mission #2: Race to the Buddah
[20:00] Ariel Wingtips: k does everyone know where that mountain and buddah thingy is?
[20:00] Ariel Wingtips: or
[20:00] Ariel Wingtips: at least know what i am talkin bout?
[20:00] Wai Aeon: last one there is a rotten egg

[20:01] Maxmilian Nightfire: we come to medittate
(wai won this space race)

Cy had to log off...so when he came back online...Another assimilation
[20:01] Ariel Wingtips: cy
[20:02] Ariel Wingtips: put on spaceship
[20:02] Ariel Wingtips: resistance is futile

Soon we were joined by Dyllan Ashdene, Roxii Ruby, and then by Alia Rabeni.

[20:07] Maxmilian Nightfire: everyone.... STARE AT ALI! D:
[20:07] Alia Rabeni: Halllooooo

Then we were joined by Reina Benoir, who was promptly given a spaceship...
[20:11] Reina Benoir: Heh heh. This is a bit different from a broom that's for sure.

[20:12] Ariel Wingtips: you get more geek points if you ride this reina

So much chat,catching up, goofing off... in the midst of it all, the statue spoke.
[20:08] Buddha Says: Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.

At the moment we were all figuring out how to drive spaceships.

Cy must have forgot that he had on his underpants poofer ... he was exploding

underpants like crazy.
[20:10] Wai Aeon: cy you have a hole in ur spaceship
[20:10] Wai Aeon: all ur undies are falling

Lynne & Aeacos Garrigus joined the mission as well.

[20:21] Lynne Lowey: we located earthlings but they do not wish assimilation
[20:21] Ariel Wingtips: wow
[20:22] Ariel Wingtips: eventually they will be assimilated
[20:22] Ariel Wingtips: resistance is futile

Another alien... (aka Owlien)
[20:28] Owly Indigo Hoots!

oh hahaha Max had to explain to Dyllan about assimilation... LOL
[20:35] Ariel Wingtips: dyllan has been assimilated
[20:35] Dyllan Ashdene: say what
[20:35] Dyllan Ashdene: what's that
[20:35] Wai Aeon: haha
[20:36] Maxmilian Nightfire: you will be assimiwi.... assissimi.... assimiwilli....you will become one of us!

[20:37] Dyllan Ashdene: farts
[20:37] Dyllan Ashdene: OMG
[20:37] Dyllan Ashdene: somebody get me outta of this spacechip
[20:37] Dyllan Ashdene: the windows are fogging

Soon Mik joined the invasion - SEEKING assimilation!

[20:38] Mikhail Meriman: hola
[20:38] Ariel Wingtips: greetings earthling
[20:38] Lizza Nikolaidis: HI \Mik
[20:38] Ariel Wingtips: you will be assimilated
[20:39] Ariel Wingtips: resistance is futile
[20:39] Alia Rabeni: he wants to be assimilated
[20:39] Mikhail Meriman: do i get a ship
[20:39] Alia Rabeni: i got ur ship right here
[20:39] Maxmilian Nightfire: hey Mik!
[20:39] Alia Rabeni: haahahahah

Max switched to a beach ball blaster instead of spaceship...
[20:40] Maxmilian Nightfire: i am the great orb! feel my orbness!

[20:40] Ariel Wingtips: this is the BEST geek convention EVER
[20:40] Mikhail Meriman: lmao
[20:40] Lynne Lowey: yay geekiness!
[20:41] Wai Aeon: nanoo nanoo

[20:43] Alia Rabeni: i cant breathe

[20:44] Alia Rabeni: we need to invade
[20:44] Ariel Wingtips: where will we invade?
[20:45] Lizza Nikolaidis: I have waited this long to see who said it first
[20:45] Ariel Wingtips: we have not invaded the pond since the great Koolaid caper
[20:45] Owly Indigo: woo hoo!
[20:45] Wai Aeon: haha koolaid
[20:45] Wai Aeon: wonder if it will fit in spaceship
[20:46] Reina Benoir: Yeah. It's been a long time since we've been to the pond.
[20:47] Alia Rabeni: TPTPTPTPTPTTP

so....we buzzed the sydney bridge... (http://slurl.com/secondlife/PondBay/18/127/4)

[20:57] Lizza Nikolaidis: Wai now i hate to ask you this
[20:58] Lizza Nikolaidis: but did you assimulate me while i wasnt looking

I thought this was a great time to try a lemming experiment as well...
[21:02] Ariel Wingtips: ok
[21:02] Ariel Wingtips: everyone line up
[21:02] Ariel Wingtips: and we will walk off and fall of the sydney bridge together

Next Invasion: ALI COUTURE

where we wer joined by Eulalie Helendale.
[21:18] Eulalie Helendale: hey kids
[21:19] Eulalie Helendale: i cant see a damn thing but i hear fun noises
[21:19] Ariel Wingtips: getcher ship on girlfriend
[21:20] Eulalie Helendale: yay my coffee stayed on
[21:20] Eulalie Helendale: skilllllz
[21:20] Eulalie Helendale: omg all these spaceships just rezzed
[21:20] Eulalie Helendale: what a sight!

[21:21] Owly Indigo: CONFUSION REIGNS! muahahahahahahaha

[21:21] Lynne Lowey: i lost the group IM a while ago lol
[21:22] Lynne Lowey: i think when we jumped off the bridge lol

[21:23] Eulalie Helendale: please do not bump my vessel im having coffee here hahaha

it got crazier and crazier. We invaded, London, Brazil, and ended up in Paris 1900.
All the chat was cracking me up.

Along the way we were also joined by Adia Clary and Skarat Lefebvre

[21:41] Eulalie Helendale: i have like a kablillion tabs open now

In Paris, we met a new friend,Wolfgang Humburg, promptly assimilated by Owly.

[21:42] Owly Indigo: wolfgang! you will be assimilated!

Skarat then assimilated Mackena GossipGirl

[21:51] Skarat Lefebvre: mac
[21:51] Skarat Lefebvre: you shall be asisilated
[21:51] Mackena GossipGirl: haha Skabers.....
[21:51] Skarat Lefebvre: assimilated
[21:51] Skarat Lefebvre: or somethign

HAHAHAHAHA - "YOU SHALL BE A S I S I L A T E D !" <-- my absolute favorite quote of the night!

So...we flew around paris, buzzed the Eiffel tower, tried to assimilate a horse, shopped a bit, and called it a good night.


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