Thursday, October 20, 2011

Goofy Spooks Hunt on the Home Sim October 21-November 1

Look for the Goofy Spooks sign at participating stores throughout the sim.

Fire GOOD!!! has hidden 8 goofy spooks throughout the home sim.

try to find Frankenstein, Uni-brow Ghost, Batty Dracu-bat, and Goofy Pumpkin for fun prizes.

(all Fire GOOD!!! prizes in this hunt are unisex)

Hints for all 8 Goofy Spooks from Fire GOOD!!!!

Look for these in and near Fire GOOD!!!
1 - I think I found a goofy pumpkin - i'll fight you for it

2 - It would be nice to add some flames to my hot halloween costume

3 - Should I buy my sweetie launchers or flowers?

8 - Relax and swing after visiting Fire GOOD!!! Maybe plan your visit to the aviary.

Look for these in the market place area:
4 - Who is stomping over my bridge?

5 - care for some fishing?

Look for these at The Albatross Coffee House:

6 - find me haunting the reading room

7 - there are bats in the loft!!

Have fun!!!