Saturday, May 28, 2011

Fun with Fungus

The letter of the week is "M" and for this week's Letter of the Week (LOW) sale, I present to you funky mushroom-y fun.

Mad Mind Control Mouth Mushroom only 5L this week in world and on market place.
Wear the mad mouth mushrooms and do silly stuff with chat commands. 
Transferable, so you can get a mess of mushrooms and share them with friends.  This is very fun with a group. Everyone who is wearing the mad mushrooms will do silly stuff (turn AO off for best results, works only on script enabled land).

The Fungus Flinger Mushroom Launcher is also on sale for 50L in world at the Fire GOOD!!! main store and on market place.
funky mushroom flings a mess of mushrooms in mouse view

LOW Sale Items available at the Fire GOOD!!! main store or on Market Place.

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Friday, May 20, 2011


Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang I just didn't have much time to come up with a new K thing for the Letter of the Week sale this week, so I just put the KRAZY Dang launcher on sale - 50L this week at Fire GOOD!!! Main store and on Marketplace.

Launches colorful Krazy DANG bullets in mouse view.

Come and get your DANG Launcher.
It's DANG Fun!

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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bouncy Wiggly Sea Creatures

The Letter of the Week is "O" and the Octopus Launcher is on sale for 50L this week at Fire GOOD!!! main store and on marketplace.
Launches bright, bouncy, and wiggly sea critters in mouse view.
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Friday, May 6, 2011

Sometimes You Just Need to Punch Something

This was one of "THOSE" weeks.  Some days are easy, some days are not.  This week was full of those "not so easy" days. Here's what my work week felt like:

It was like a fight just to get to Friday.  Well...we made it!

The Letter of the Week is R  - The LOW Sale Item at Fire GOOD!!!
Red Cartoon Action Boxing Gloves 
50L this week at Fire GOOD!!! main store
and on Market Place here.

Big silly boxing gloves poof Cartoon Action Particles when you punch and kick.
...sometimes, you just need to punch something.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hot little Fire Fairy

The Supernatural Hunt begins today and goes through May 31.  Find the little glowing bottle at Fire GOOD!!! main store for this hot little fire fairy costume.  Wings include a magical particle effect when you fly.

it's easy to find, here's a hint: Look for magical particle effects.