Friday, July 31, 2009

Greetings Earthlings

The Sci-Fi and Fantasy Grid Wide Hunt begins August 1st and goes through September 1st. Abut 80 stores are participating in this sci-fi and fantasy themed hunt. In this hunt, you will be searching for cool little starry orbs.

Fire GOOD!!! is Starry Orb #19. Here's a preview of the prize, it's soooo much fun!

A spaceship that you can wear! Just wear the bubble space ship and turn off your AO to float instead of walking. Features three fun particle effects. Rainbow Flaming Jets when you fly or hover, glowing antenna thingy when you walk, and click the top of the bubble for another rainbow particle effect. Bright colorful spacey fun! Go grab it at Fire GOOD!!! Free as a hunt prize through September 1st.

Hope you can join in on this fun hunt, if you are not into hunts, stop by Fire GOOD!!! anyway and grab the free fun stuff.

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