Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day

If you don't have this already, stop at my shop and grab the Happy Earth Day floating bubble.  Float around in a heart shaped bubble and think peaceful happy thoughts.

Find it at my main store or on XStreetSL 0L  Enjoy!.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Explosive Hockey Particles!

NEW POOFERS for Hockey Fans...  Here's how it went down.  I received this offline from Gray Nacht today...(he has asked for this i had to do it hehehe).

[7:40] Grey Nacht: Hi Ariel.  Playoff season is on us, so I thought I would again whine about .... Hockey poofers or launchers LoL - Thanks - Grey

I love a i got busy in my paint program...

..... introducing the new Hockey Poofer Collection.  Now available at Fire GOOD!!!

First - just a MESS of hockey awesomeness - in the Hockey Fanatic Explosion.
Or...choose from
if you just can't choose...get em all!

have fun!!!


Saturday, April 10, 2010

Owls, Daisies, and radical Plaid in Space!

I love the challenge of themes for hunts or sales.  Fire GOOD!!! is now participating in the Letter of the Week promotion. (More info on Letter of the Week L.O.W).  As a content creator this one is fun because the new letter is randomly selected and revealed the prior week - so I get to come up with something new to fit the theme.  I kind of like the mystery, "Oooh what's the SECRET LETTER gonna be???"  **Suspense Music**  Then I find out, run to my secret lab and have fun building.

So for this week, the Letter of the Week is "O" which stands for O W L !!!  For this theme, I created a new texture and outfit..  The Owl Play Dress will be on sale for 50L at Fire GOOD!!! for the week of April 11 - 17.  Features sculpted play dress, multiple clothing layers, stockings, and sculpted hat. 

The Owl Play Dress is fun to wear with Daisy Rocket Feet... fun springy daisy particles and light yellow flames when you fly.  On sale this week also for the "April Showers" springy theme in the Bargain Hunters Paradise weekly sale.  Only 10 L for this week.  (more info on bargain hunters paradise on the BHP Blog).

I made this floating bubble spaceship for a 10L Madness Event that was Thursday & Friday.  I didn't get a chance to blog at that time because real life went sort of wacky (in a "not so good" way) but it's all good now.  SO - leaving this Totally Rad Plaid Spaceship on sale for the weekend - 10L also!  IT's like LUMBER JACKS IN SPACE!!!  I love the funky smoke particles when you fly- just wear the spaceship and turn your AO off to float instead of walk.  Have your own totally rad plaid space invasion.
 Oh by the way, that's my friend AngieBabe Pearl in the spaceship ad...I asked her to dress up as a nerd, she makes a GREAT nerd don't you think? 

Have a closer look...

All this fun is available now at Fire GOOD!!!

Have an amazing week!


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Butterflies, Jewels, and Skillful Stinky Socks...

What do these have in common?   Hunt prizes YAY!   Fire GOOD!!! is participating in 3 hunts that start today (no April FOols joke).  I had fun with the themes for these hunts.

For the Diamonds in the Rough Hunt:  Two prizes...Explosion of colorful Gems that activates when you TP or type a simple command and a blue play dress with original jeweled print. 
Diamonds in the Rough Hunt is April 1 - 30, find the diamond at Fire GOOD!!! for the prizes - hint: look for particles you can wear, remember this store has two floors...

For the Gone Fishing Hunt - we were asked to create a prize using a pack of textures provided by the organizer.  So, i took a couple of the textures, which originally looked like this

and .... in Fire GOOD!!! Style.... here's what it looks like when they E X P L O D E!

 Gone Fishing Hunt is April 1 - 30, fish for prizes using the Seven Seas fishing game at the new Fire GOOD!!!/Albatross fishing spot.   You can also catch other interesting things in this fishing prawns with geek glasses, prawns with antlers, cooties.....

For the Below the Belt Hunt..... the hunt organizer challenged us to make stuff that you can wear...below the - in Fire GOOD!!! style that was translated as
"Super Skilled Stinky Socks" 
What sort of skills can a sock have you ask?  Stinking skills, ugly toe showcase skills, launching skills....Yes in mouse view these socks launch a host of other smelly socks.  Share the good stink with your friends.  Also the stinky particles poof when you walk or fly.  One prize for the gals, one prize for the guys.

Below the belt Hunt is April 1 - 30, find the belt at Fire GOOD!!! for the prize - hint: flames when you fly...

Have Fun!!!!!