Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tub Talk: It was a dream (or was it?!?!?!?!)

This week Tub Talk was actually hosted at Angie and Cat's swimming pool.

So we are sitting around at Tub Talk - where goofy stuff usually happens. Like... staring contests.
I have to i log, relog... and who knows what happened in the interim...
when I came back, Cat's all..."Gotta tell you my dream!!!" it is! HAHAHAHAHA

[21:57] Polly Paperclip: Hi Ariel!
[21:57] catalina Mistwallow: omg
[21:57] Ariel Wingtips: hi polly
[21:57] catalina Mistwallow: i need to tell you

Cat launches into the telling of last night's dream...

[21:57] catalina Mistwallow: last night

[21:57] catalina Mistwallow:
i had this dream...

[21:58] catalina Mistwallow:
that there was THIRD LIFE

[21:58] catalina Mistwallow:
for people whose second lives are super stressful and need to keep their mind of things

[21:58] catalina Mistwallow: LOL

[21:58] Owly Indigo: wait what? third life?

[21:58] Polly Paperclip: Yes, it's what our AVs do while we play SL!

[21:58] Skarat Lefebvre: regressive lives

[21:58] catalina Mistwallow:
so yeah... i had a dream that there was third life... and wai wanted to DESTROY IT

[21:59] catalina Mistwallow:
and he was like... super evil and powerful

[21:59] catalina Mistwallow:
and had an evil laugh

[21:59] Polly Paperclip: Wai wages war!

[21:59] catalina Mistwallow:
so then we realized

[21:59] catalina Mistwallow:
that wai was the actual inventor of second life

[21:59] catalina Mistwallow:
and was just trying to destroy his enemies

[21:59] catalina Mistwallow:
hahahahaha <--- Not quite EVIL laugh

[21:59] Skarat Lefebvre: well if there was a third life then there would have to be a forth

[22:00] Skarat Lefebvre: just cause

[22:00] catalina Mistwallow:

[22:00] catalina Mistwallow:

[22:00] catalina Mistwallow:
in the dream we were helping wai

[22:00] catalina Mistwallow:
but then we realized he was evil

[22:00] Polly Paperclip: At some point it would become recursive and an AV would be controlling us in RL.

[22:00] catalina Mistwallow:
so we were trying to get away from him

[22:00] catalina Mistwallow:
but he was too powerful

[22:00] Skarat Lefebvre: this sounds like a mathematician on acid
<--ooh math yes that is evil

[22:00] catalina Mistwallow:
LOL it was an awesome dream

[22:01] Polly Paperclip: Cat, that's incredibly elaborate.

[22:01] Owly Indigo: wow

[22:01] Owly Indigo: that is one hell of a dream

[22:01] catalina Mistwallow:
my dreams often are :)

I have gathered evidence that may prove that this is more than a "too many cheesy sunchips" dream.

On September 16, 2008 - I gathered this evidence. While shopping with wai, he quickly darts over to GUMBY's Green desk and tries to log into 3rd life before i notice. I thought he was just logging into Real Life at the time...

On May 18, 2009 I collected this evidence: During a visit at Max and Bloss's place, wai tries to sneak away to log into 3rd life again. I sneak up behind him and suddenly - just a screen saver. Then he laughed, and it was sort of evil...

Or maybe it was just a goofy cat dream...

What do you think?

featuring...Polly Paperclip, Skarat Lefebvre, catalina Mistwallow, Adia Clary, Cyrus000 Vollmar, Owly

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