Monday, November 30, 2009

Jello at the Junco & Holiday Hunt Goodies!

Jello at the Junco
Last night, I had some fun with the folks hanging out at the Jittery Junco.  When I arrived they were all sitting on the railing.  So I thought - you know this would be great for target practice. 

I handed out target t shirts.  Amazingly, most of them put the shirts on!  hahaha   Then proceeded to blast them with jello shots. 

It's just kind of fun to watch the jello bounce and wiggle and jiggle like that.
Jello shot launcher available at Fire GOOD!!! 

Holiday Hunt Goodies (that means FREE STUFF )

Fire GOOD!!! Main Shop is participating in 4 hunts in December.  So here's the scoop on the free fun stuff.

For the On the Christmas Tree Hunt - find the little Christmas Tree for these festive rocket feet.  Super funky painted red/white/green flames and snowflakes when you fly.  Rudolph will be SOOOOO Jealous when he sees you'r flying skills.

For the Candy Cane Hunt - find the little cup of hot cocoa (look near the tree) for this sweet spaceship for all your holiday space invasion needs.  Just wear the spaceship, turn off your AO and you can fly instead of walking.  You could...race Santa!  Yeah - his sleigh is no match for a cool spaceship. It makes a space ship sound when you fly and poofs candy canes.  OH and when you fly it has super cool funky painted flames.

For the Christmas Hunt - find the stocking to get this cool Christmas Bulb Blaster.

Just wear it and turn your AO off and you can float around like a holiday ornament instead of walking.  When people ask if they can put you on their tree, just blast them with colorful christmas bulbs.  Yeah - that's the spirit.  This is also handy for when you need a temporary high speed decorating solution - just blast the ornaments all over the room - DONE.

The first gift is an outfit - with a peaceful dove - hand painted silver dove on black t shirt and mini skirt and some fun dove print tights. 

The second gift is a particle effect poofer that rains down a peaceful collection of doves, olive branches, and snowflakes....aaaahhh imagine peace for fifteen wonderful seconds while you watch this fun particle effect.
For the Snowflake Grid wide Hunt - find the snowflake for a fun glittery snowfall particle effect.

OH - and i sent the target Blue T to my subscribo group - so if your im's cap - just stop by the shop and hit the subscribo to get it from history if you missed it.

Have Fun!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Dances with Turkeys, Chats with Chickens, and Random Rooftop Dance Party YAY!

I am so thankful for fun times and silly friends in SL.  RL was sort of tough this past week.  Having lost a close family member around this same time last year, I found myself completely dreading the holiday this year and was just in a sad funk.  A recent series of totally spontaneous SL events  - sort of just shook me out of the blahs.  I think that goofing off like this is just good for the soul.

It's Wednesday night...potatoes are cut up, turkey is thawing, house is cleaned up and ready for guests.  Still not feeling the holiday spirit.  BUT... I log into SL - and Owly tp's me to the Junco.  Strange stick legged turkeys are roaming the patio...I quickly transform into the HOT guy and ask owly to dance - ooo la la.

Owly puts on a beard - this totally drives the turkeys wild.  They appear to be attracted to bearded ladies.  The turkey tries to cut in...

suddenly we turned into royalty.

Owly had to leave, but Napoleon Dynamite showed up and demonstrated his sweet dance skills for Nine and Max.
Captain Kangaroo showed up and posed for a sweet photo with Nine and Max  - this is serious Fashion!

So then I logged in Friday night, and CAT tp's me to the junco where she is hanging out chatting with Javi, Niko, Angie, and Chance.  Javi went AFK (a no no at the Hallelujah Azul sims...) so I had to rez a chicken head on his avie.

Welcome to chicken chat...

Saturday Night was completey awesome. We were hanging out at the house.  It became a spontaneous dance party - PT mentioned he found a bunch of cool he got set up on the stream and DJ'd.

The roof was transformed into a random dance floor.  One of the songs led to spontaneous combustion.  It was great fun - can't really describe it...but here's are some action shots.  So awesome to just hang out with friends and goof off. 

 DAANG that was Fun!
Some SL moments are just amazing.
Happy Thanksgiving Friends :) Thanks for the Fun!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The League of Extraordinary Dorks Book Club

So the League of Extraordinary Dorks Book Club met for the first time on the Hallelujah Azul sim.  We read and discussed the book Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger. 

Of course we used this as an excuse to get together again in costume!  SO...action shots from the first ever meeting of the League of Extraordinary Dorks Book Club!  YAY.

So the book is a ghost tale. I am not gonna tell you too much about it because you may want to read it.  Catalina Mistwallow showed up as Elspeth - the ghosty woman on the left.  Owly Indigo showed up as "The Little Kitten of Death" (aka LKD) um before death.  Um....(spoiler alert) I showed up as LKD - AFTER. . . 
Owly was a much cuter cat all cuddly, furry, and skilled in blinking.  But I had Glowing, Staring, and Haunting skills muhahahahaha!

The Funniest and Cleanest costume award goes to Coyote Pace.  He arrived in costume dressed as the character Martin Wells.

 He demonstrated his awesome scrubbing skills throughout the entire book discussion.

Toward the end of the discussion I had to haunt skarat.  Because....well he sat on me.  It's not easy being invisible.

We had a great discussion. The costumes were cool. Lots of laughs (as always).

 The next book selected for the book club is:  The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown
Until Next Time...happy reading!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Hunting Treasures AND Adventures of Puff the Magic Flickmunk

Hunting Treasures
So November brings us some new hunts.  That means fun free stuff!!! So here's the scoop on the Fire GOOD!!! contributions to hunt mania.  (Hunt details are available on the posters at the shop).
Beachcombers Location of Fire GOOD!!!
For the Bitter Sweet Hunt - find the pumpkin, get a sweet piggy bank that launches coins.

For the Pilgrim Hunt - Find the pilgrim hat get this classy winter outerwear - the mitten launches winter outerwear!  (the big floppy scarves are funny when they bounce)

For the Shining Stars Hunt find the star, get the rocket feet! Starry particles and turquoise to violet flames when you fly - just wear with your shoes.

At the Hallelujah Azul Location of Fire GOOD!!! for the Falling Leaves hunt, find the leaf and get this party dress with a golden leaf particle effect poofer.

Adventures with Puff the Magic "Flickmunk"
SO i was shopping around a few nights ago and saw a little chipmunk and was like OOOH I MUST get this for my friend cat.  (She is sort of NUTZ about squirrels - and chipmunks are sort of like squirrels-yeah).  I gave it to her last night.  It's just a little shoulder pet.  (Got it from: So the little mini chipmunk has skills - it can puff its cheeks on command (cheeks on cheeks off...sort of like a clapper but CUTE) and sit on your shoulder blinking occasionally and looking adorable.

I got a chipmunk for myself too....and was so HAPPY to find that it was MOD - it is STRETCHY!  So I stretched out the chipmunk to max size.  Checked the physical make him bouncy.  Then the gang  hopped on and started flicking the chipmunk around the sim. (flicking involves - hold down control while click and drag the chipmunk then let go...thus flinging it).  What a wild ride!  Here are some action shots.

The evening was spent flinging Puff the Magic Flickmunk all over the Hallelujah Azul sim...Sneaking up on folks at the Jittery Junco.  Oh at one point we set a giant spider loose to roam the sim (that was Polly's idea....that spider sort of creeps me out) unfortunately, I didn't get pictures of spider vs. Flickmunk action (use your imagination for that one).

SO not only did we enjoy the intended features of the mini chipmunk, but we found that giant chipmunks have even more skills....
  • Flicking skills
  • Flying Skills
  • Cheek Puffing skills
  • Modeling Skills (the chipmunk sucks in his cheeks to look thinner)
  • Bouncing skills
  • Landing skills
  • Sneaking Skills
Fun Times!

Contributors to this goofiness: Polly Paperclip, Catalina Mistwallow, Owly Indigo, Cyrus000 Vollmar, Sehra Kauffman, Ariel Wingtips, oh and a resized pet chipmunk by Wynx Whiplash.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Extraordinary Dorks Halloween Bash (+ a lesson on the Importance of Underpants)

SO this has been blogged by others just a bit, but I thought I'd share my take on it.  The League of Extraordinary Dorks Halloween Bash last Thursday night was a blast.  The party was held at the Jittery Junco and lots of people braved the lag as a huge crowd gathered to see what Nine Warrhol would be wearing.  By the end of the night - no one figured out what he was, but he won the award for this hot look:

There was a LOT of dancing and dorky costumes (as one would expect)...

Owly Indigo showed up as ArthurDent with the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - boldly declaring "Don't Panic"  - we lost gravity momentarily. Some people panicked anyway.

 Some fashion highlights

Not only was the evening great fun, it was educational too.  We learned that night that, yes, Donuts grow on TREES!

I dunno - I think this was probably one of the yummier costumes of the evening.  MMMMMM jelly donuts (*homer simpson voice*).

There was a Dance Off - The Mad Pumpkin Man vs. the Mad Scientist Woman.  Nine tried to show us what he would do if he had light sabers.

Later in the evening we were joined by a Nun, an Angel, and cat as an ETCH A SKETCH.   Everyone wanted to play with cat's knobs.  I have to commend Cat for wearing a costume that would prevent me from featuring her butt in any of these photos. Excellent skill and "strategery" there Cat!

We moved on from dancing to begin the Tricycle Races.  I built a sweet obstacle course around the shops in the sim complete with spider webby cones, ramps, and the time warp tunnel. Muhahahahaha. In the party favors goody box - everyone got a tricycle and MIND control glasses - and helmet and poofer, and other fun stuff, but NOT Pants!  (and anyone who actually opened the box and looked in the folder would know what that means).

So we lined up at the starting line...

The object is to stay on the trike and in between the cones.

Through the Tube of Wonder!

Time Warp Tunnel...ready to take my sledgehammer trike off a sweet Jump.  I am pretty sure I got like three feet of air!

Posing Skills.  I am so glad I wore my stretchy dress.

We took a group photo....getting a group photo in SL is a lot like herding cats.  Just saying...

 In the midst of the mayhem we learned a lesson on the importance of underpants.

After the group photo, everyone put on their mind control glasses and I got to control their minds and make them dance really awesome.
Mind control glasses are super fun - because it takes a little time before the group starts to realize what is happening...then everyone starts controlling everyone else's minds and its total pandemonium! LOVE IT!

So we got tired of that and fell into a huge pile.  The End.

Thanks to everyone who came out to the party.  It was a dorky good time!