Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Spontaneous Super Shopper Smackdown

The silliest things seem to happen at my shop sometimes. Earlier tonight (umm..yesterday), I was in my shop rezzing some new sale items (space ships yay yay yay...more on that tomorrow), when all of a sudden a group rezzed in my shop (Zhoom Aeon, Mafalda Hienrichs, Mami Deerhunter). So I greeted them as usually do, shortly after we had pandemonium. It all started like this...

[16:25] Mafalda Hienrichs: omg I'm like utterly addicted to your store!
[16:25] Mafalda Hienrichs: I found that beating the crap outta the bf with a pair of pink bxing gloves is my new fav hobby.

Then she popped on some awesome huge barbie pink boxing gloves and began to demonstrate her technique. Zhoom decided to get in on the action - quickly buying a ladies boxing gear ensemble - he suited up and joined in the fight.

[16:30] Zhoom Aeon yells "THIS IS.. SECONNNDDLIIIFEEE .. and me in a skimpy shirt"
(he added a tutu - not sure if this helped him in the fight or not)

Mami grabbed some yellow gloves and joined in.

[16:32] Zhoom Aeon hides behind Ariel

[16:32] Zhoom Aeon uses as a human-shield.

[16:32] Ariel Wingtips: lol

[16:32] Mafalda Hienrichs: cheat!

so i jumped into the fight too.

Totally cracking up by this point. I am not sure who won but it was a lot of fun. Then everyone jumped into their spaceships and flew away.

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