Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Matrioschkas, evil rabbits, and Mind Control Mushrooms Muhahahaha

Fire GOOD!!! is participating in two new hunts in September...

The International Affair Hunt September 1 - 30
The International Affair hunt begins September 1st.  For this hunt, each designer chose a country.   I chose Ukraine, and my prize is inspired by a favorite souvenir from my visit to Ukraine many years ago, Matrioschka - Nesting Dolls, with a Fire GOOD!!! twist of Course.

I like the theme for this hunt, also Mikayla Ares did a great job organizing it - for each shop, in addition to the prize, when you find the hunt object you also can collect stamps from each of the stores.  Here's an example of mine:

Find the postage stamp in the Fire GOOD!!! main store for this fun little nesting doll that launches a variety of colorful, flaming nesting dolls in mouse view.
For more information on this hunt and the internationally inspired prizes see the official hunt blog here.

To find this prize, go to the Fire GOOD!!! main store and look for a little postage stamp with the Fire GOOD!!! logo.  Hint: flowers flowers everywhere!!!

The Mad Mushroom Hunt September 1 - 30
Another find hunt from the folks at Mad Pea Productions.  This hunt is special - 100 locations, 100 mushrooms, 100 prizes and 100L$ for everyone to complete the hunt!

I made something extra silly for this hunt.
Find the squishy mad mushroom in the Fire GOOD!!! main store for this prize.  Hint: eek nerdy spiders!
Wear these mad mouth mushrooms and do silly things with chat commands.  This is especially fun in a group. Everyone within chat range who wears the mouth mushrooms will do silly stuff when you say the magic words...

Here are some action shots from mad mind control mouth mushroom testing  that happened at Catalina Mistwallow's rez day party.

The party got off to a slow start...
The rabbits took over with their evil powers of rabbit hypnotism.
PT, especially sensitive to the suggestions of evil rabbits had a super strange dream.
We decided to munch on some mad mouth mushrooms... and suddenly lost gravity.
Strangely we all started dancing...

Then we died...

Then we poofed!


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