Saturday, November 6, 2010

Feathers Prawns Glitter ...and a rocking party like shindig OH my!!!

I am so excited to announce the grand re-opening of the Weather! or not? main store on the home sim - ctrl shift h!  Join us for a weekend of fun and silliness.

You have to check out this store.  Further Monday and Fang Roffo have together created an incredible collection of whimsical toys.  New this weekend, you can pick up this amazing PRAWNBRELLA for only 50L.

OR....even more exciting...Glitter and DOUBLE RAINBOWS OMG!!! the glitterbrella is also new and on sale at this event.
here I am skipping along with my glitterbrella on the yellow brick road to nowhere 

cross this bridge into the Weather! or not? wonderland

Join us this weekend in celebrating the grand re-opening of the main store on the Home Sim with a great line up of entertainment, sales, and fun.  

In FIRE GOOD!!! news...the letter of the week is "O" and my sale item is this ORANGE FEATHER EXPLOSION  - yay feathers!  This reminds me...when I was a kid, my three brothers and I got into a HUGE pillow fight at a rare moment when my mom turned her back.  The aftermath was a bit like this...not as colorful but just as feathery.  (mom was Not impressed).

Feather Explosion in Orange - 15L this week at Fire GOOD!!! main store.
See the list of other vendors participating in the LOW sale this week here.

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