Monday, November 1, 2010

I've Got a Squirrel and I'm Not afraid to use it

Fire GOOD!!! is participating in several new hunts that began today.  Here's the scoop on the goodies.

The Video Game Xtravaganza Hunt November 1 - 30 -   My all time favorite videogame is Tetris.  Find the hunt prize for the "My Favorite Video Game Launcher"

 The Lets Go Nuts Autumn hunt November 1 - 30.   So for this one find the prize for a nutty little squirrel that launches a rainbow assortment of acorns in mouse view.   "I've got a squirrel and I'm not afraid to use it!"
 The Harry Potter Hunt November 1 - 30- of course I had to do something with a white owl.  This play dress and hat features a goofy cartoon-y owl drawn by yours truly.

I Heart Purple Hunt November 1 - 30 - all things purple; - find the purple heart for this fun particle effect.
More information and hints for finding the prizes are available at the entrance to Fire GOOD!!! Main Store.


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