Thursday, September 30, 2010

EEK! New Stuff at Fire GOOD!!!

Friday two new hunts begin:

The Pumpkin Prints Hunt October 1 - 31
Find the black pumpkin with orange paw print.  Hint: watch out for flying pianos...
More info for this hunt is available by clicking on the hunt sign in the main store.

Stop by and grab the Fire GOOD!!! hunt prize - a fun particle effect poofer that explodes in glorious autumn leaves when you teleport.

The GRIMM Halloween Hunt October 1 - 31
This was a fun hunt theme - we had to design a prize inspired by a tale from the Brothers Grimm.  I chose Hansel and Gretel.  I was thinking, "what if Hansel and Gretel had figured out the witch's plan earlier and what if they were armed?"

The Revenge of Hansel & Gretel launcher - is a cute little Ginger Bread cookie that blasts ginger bread houses, gumdrops and gingerbread men in mouse view.

The LOW Sale Item for this week:
The letter of the week is "E"  - only my most favorite vowel.  For this week, the "EEK Nerdy Spider shoulder pet poofer" is only 1L.  Come and get it. You can name your spider and use chat commands to send a poof of spiders to nearby avatars.   Explodes spidery particles on teleport EEK!

All this available at the Fire GOOD!!! main store.

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