Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wear Gray Exclusive and New Fun Stuff at Fire GOOD!!!

Exclusive Wear Gray Auction Item: Orchid Seating available today only!

There are only a couple days left for the Wear Gray charity event, but there is still time to participate and donate to a great cause.  This year all donations will go to benefit The American Brain Tumor Association.  

Today an exclusive item, a Fire GOOD!!!/Empyreal Dreams collaboration is up for auction at the Wear Gray market.  This is a one of a kind, sculpted orchid seat - up for bid through the end of day today.  Bidding started at 350L.

Right when you land you at Wear Gray sim, you will see 3 Bid boxes by Lucky Designs. In each bid box there will be a one of a kind item that is up for auction for 24 hours. If you are out bid it will send you your money back along with a message and SLurl if you wish to bid higher.

The item is on display a the Fire GOOD!!! shop at Wear Gray.

Sculpted Orchid seating for up to three avatars.  
Particle effects toggle on and off when you click the bottom right petal.  
Original textures and sculpts.  This design is an exclusive Wear Gray charity edition.  
A collaborative art project by Remington Aries & Ariel Wingtips.

New Stuff from Fire GOOD!!!

First we have the Fungus Flinger/ Mushroom Launcher.  I was on the rooftop of my not so secret lab in the sky and there was some funky fungus on my roof... I thought to myself, "what will I do with all these mushrooms?"  DUH..."We shall Launch Them!"  You too can enjoy the thrill of flinging these fabulous fungi at your friends.

Next, at a customer's request (it was something like..." you need to do some bear stuff"), we have the Teddy Bear Blaster.  This is a fun little sculpted teddy bear that you can hold.  It has a color change menu, so if you don't like a light colored bear, just click it and change it to blue or red or whatever makes you happy.  In mouse view it launches a rainbow assortment of bouncy little teddy bears.

Here are some action shots of Cat and Owly testing this launcher.  I gave one of these launchers to Cat and she decided to decorate her sky box (click the picture to see the detail).

Friday begins the LOW Sale, and the letter of the week this time is "L" which, of course, stands for "LAUNCHER" two items are on sale for this week:

The launcher target t shirt - only 10L this week at the Fire GOOD!!! main store - a unisex T  - that is great for when you are having a launcher party.  Let your friends know just where to aim.
Also on sale for this week - one of my favorite launchers, as a Minnesotan, I have to love the "Legendary Paul Bunyan Launcher."  There's nothing like launching Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue OX at the moon on a starry SL night.  Only 50L this week at the Fire GOOD!!! main store.

All this is now available at the Fire GOOD!!! main store.  Stop by grab some fun stuff and have a good time.

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