Sunday, September 26, 2010

Launchy, Floaty, Super Silly Trick or Treat Toys

Sometimes it is easier for me to just go with the silliness than scariness, as I was thinking about what to make for Halloween this year, I decided to just go with the goofy flow.

New at Fire GOOD!!! a collection of Floaty Trick or Treat buckets.

It's part trick and part treat.  Just wear it and float around in the goofy  trick or treat bucket.  In mouse view it shoots candy.  Click on the candy pieces for particle effects. These are really fun to play with in a group you can float around and bump into your friends and if they are wearing a floaty and you shoot at them, they will bump around ....give it a try - it's really fun.

First in line is Frankenstein.... Floaty "Frankie" has some awesome stylish neck bolts and a handsome UNIBROW. He looks surprised to be awakened for all this Halloween fun.

Here's the floaty batty BAT trick or treat bucket with super batty wings.  He is also sporting a handsome uni-brow and great looking "TEEF."
Here's my take on a Jack O Lantern... he's a bit cross eyed but turned out sort of cute.  This one explodes candy and pumpkins.
Finally, this one you can get for free if you can find the ghost in my main store... the floaty ghosty trick or treat bucket is the prize for the BOO hunt which started yesterday and goes through the end of October.  Here's a hint for finding the ghost:  "Look up high near the things you play with as you fly!"
All of these are available at the Fire GOOD!!! Main Store.

Have FUN!

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