Saturday, November 13, 2010

Suddenly a Magical Winter Wonderland

I live in Minnesota (not by choice).  When I woke up this morning my world was invaded by SNOW!

It is actually very pretty.  But the heavy snow is causing power to go off intermittently through out the day - EEK!  In the midst of that I got a chance to pop in world and mess around with some particle effects.  I kind of went wild.

Here's one of them.  I'll show the others later, I'm not sure what I want to do with them yet, but this one is being sent to my Fire GOOD!!! group today.

If you missed out on it  - just hit the group kiosk at the Fire GOOD!!!  store.

Magical Particle Sphere - a gentle and peaceful effect
Snowflakes surround you in a continuous perfect sphere of particle Magic.
use chat commands to turn the effect on or off
Rez or Wear.

Low Sale Item of the Week - Letter of the week is F and at Fire GOOD!!! F is not only for Fire, but also for FLOATING!!!  This week the Floating Bubble Spaceship - in purple is on sale for 50L.  Just wear the spaceship and float instead of walking.  Have fun being a space invader!

Here's a link to the other vendors participating in the LOW Sale.


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