Friday, December 3, 2010

Fire and Magic and Peace on Earth

Several hunts have started and I made some new fun stuff.

The folks at MadPea bring us another fun hunt - the "Lost Souls Hunt" began December 1st.  For this hunt, you purchase a hud to store all of the souls you collect along the way.  When you collect all of them you are rewarded.  More Information on this hunt at the MadPeas web site.

For this hunt, the prize from Fire GOOD!!!  is the Lost Soul Particle Montage.  You will look totally hot wearing this flaming effect.
My all time favorite hunt, the Peace on Earth hunt also began December 1st.  For this hunt I made two prizes, the first is a unisex prize - a peace on earth particle montage - this is a continuous particle effect with a variety of images symbolizing peace.
 The second is a fun little play dress and hat inspired by the particle effect.

Another hunt beginning tomorrow is the Magic of Winter hunt.  For this prize I created yet another particle effect (I have been on a particle kick lately) with magical wintry particles in a bubble that you wear to float around instead of walking.  This effect is also a continuously changing effect.  Click the bubble to toggle particles on and off.
All these prizes available now at Fire GOOD!!! main store.


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