Friday, December 31, 2010

Start the New Year with Fun Stuff and More Cowbell

New fun stuff available at Fire GOOD!!! Main Store.

First...just because it is goofy - the LOL Cat Launcher - these cats look totally freaked out!  (Probably because they are being hurled through the's ok they are not real...also they told me they enjoy the thrill).

New Hunt Prizes also available now...
The Great Mitten Hunt December 21 - January 31 - find the mitten (it's hidden in plain sight) to get this prize - Winter Fun Antlers - plenty of mittens and snow where ever you go.

The New Year's Resolution Hunt 2 runs from January 1st  - 31st.  What is your new year's resolution? I haven't really made any yet, but I made this prize because if I did make a resolution about fast food, it would be to LAUNCH it rather than eat it.   Find the big pink pencil for this prize.
The Nautical New Year Hunt runs from January 1 - 31.  For this hunt, I made something that I always wanted to make... an Octopus Launcher.  This launcher shoots a variety of bright wiggly bouncy sea critters in mouse view.  Very Fun!  Find the ship's wheel and you will find your prize.
Also- the ODB Holiday Fair is still going on through January 15th- here you will find a collection of designers that are offering a free item and a sale item all in one place.  Stop by for a free Cookie Explosion from Fire GOOD!!!

Also - I took a quick jog down memory lane last night and attended my friend's live performance.  He had a LOT of COWBELL in one of his songs, which totally cracked me up because one of the very first building projects we worked on when we first met was an animated More Cowbell toy.  So i wipped out my cowbell and started playing along during his performance.  LOL.  After the concert, I put the cowbell out in my main shop for free so that you can enjoy it as well.  Stop by and Get it - to the left of the entrance past the posters and such.  "I'm tellin ya, you're gonna want that cowbell."

Happy New Year and Have Fun!!!

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