Friday, December 4, 2009

Introducing the new Fire GOOD!!! DANG collection.

It's been a while since I released new stuff other than hunt prizes. What's up with that?!? All I can say about that is DAAANG! I have done a lot of goofing off lately, but it actually inspires me ......
Introducing the new Fire GOOD!!! DANG collection.

The Dang Explosion Poofer:  This is a great explosion of colorful dang particles.   Arrive in style! Say what' you think. DANG!

The DANG Launcher:  OK I don't know about you, but this launcher cracks me up.  DANG!  Just go into mouse view and launch  variety of big bouncy dang bullets.   It's super messy and I love it. YAY!

The best DAAANG! T-Shirt Ever! (only 25L - get one for you and a friend - say it with style. DAAANG!).  This T shirt is now featured in my friend Cat's blog - check out the adventures of Cat and her Daily Dang Challenge.  Let's see if she really can wear the same T shirt for a whole month!  Oh and wearing the shirt was her idea, my challenge was to blog it.  Muhahahahaha. (NOTE: the shirt is multiple layers but the pant layers are NOT PANTS!!! ok you have been warned don't change clothing in public.  Daang).

Also - a Must Have for this season's fashion - "Extraordinary Dork Mind Control Glasses" (these were in the gift box at the League of Extraordinary Dorks Halloween Bash).  Bust these babies out in a crowd, instant dork party.  Anyone wearing the glasses will be controlled by fun commands like  - "floaty" which causes a temporary loss of gravity, "poof" which makes the wearer sort of disappear, and more... you just gotta try it!  It's simple good fun.  Especially fun if you like to experiment on groups like i do.  It is fun to see just how long it takes for the group to catch on to what is happening. 

Check it out!  Have fun :)


  1. I highly recommend the DAAANG t-shirt. It is going to get me through the winter!

  2. Oh, my word was "mando", which means command or management in Spanish. Ariel, I am impressed!