Thursday, December 31, 2009


It's cold in Minnesota...below zero wind chills lately.  Thankfully, it's warm in SL.  Last night I got to hang out with my friends at a nice warm beach (in rl my toes were freezing, so my friend Owly suggested we find something warm in SL...AWESOME idea!).  I don't remember where we went, but it looked super cool on midnight.

Since I can't go outside and ride my bike, I stay in and goof off and build weird things in SL.  I like building stuff for hunt themes, it challenges me.  Two hunts start on the 1st.  The 40 Below Hunt and the New Year Resolutions Hunt. 

Speaking of New Year Resolutions - I don't know about you, but my SL inventory is an abyss of madness.  When I go in there to look for something I let people know. . . just in case I don't come back out - they can send a search party after me.  It's filled with yummy experiments and explosions and things I have collected in hunts, and gifts, and land marks and note cards, and unfinished stuff, and ... and..and... IN 2010 I want to get that inventory cleaned up  - or at least manageable. here's the scoop on the hunt prizes and new stuff.

A new hunt starts tomorrow - for the 40 Below Hunt - I created two prizes - a glittery snowflake outfit

and a hot cocoa marshmallow launcher. 

Drink your yummy cocoa and when you are warmed up from the chocolatey goodnes, blast marshmallows at your friends in celebration!  This one is easy to find...  Look for the chilly snowman oddly placed near the beachball blaster.  (I put it there because it has nothing to do with winter!) 

Find the snowman at Fire GOOD!!! Beachcombers.


For the New Years Resolution Hunt, I created an explosive reminder of what I resolve to do in the new year for SL....clean up that inventory. 

Just wear this and whenever you teleport somewhere to play or goof off or do more shopping reminds you to clean up that dang inventory.  This is also available at the main location for Fire GOOD!!!

My friend catalina Mistwallow is really into cheese.  She talks about cheese a lot.  She even blogged about the cheese store we found one night while hunting.  At a recent holiday party, there was a lot of talk about cheese, eating cheese, varieties of cheese, cutting the cheese. 

SO as usual, I was inspired by my friends and goofing off.

New at Fire GOOD!!! can LAUNCH the cheese! A fun party cheese tray launches cheese in mouse view.  Includes cheddar, gouda, goat cheese, and blue cheese - the tray also has a nice little cheese knife  - for when you need to CUT THE CHEESE! hahaha (yeah I have a juvenile sense of humor).

Stop by Fire GOOD!!! pick up some hunt prizes, and maybe you will find something fun to play with - have fun!!!

Happy New Year!

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