Sunday, December 20, 2009

Crazy on Ice! The Hallelujah Azul Skate Party

Gwendolyn Bieler hosted a really awesome skate party Thursday Night on the Hallelujah Azul sim.  The party featured tunes, santa, gifts, skating, falling, laughing, hot cocoa, cookies, accidental mooning, freely roaming wildlife, goofing off, and of course LAUNCHING.  You never know what is going to happen when people get together at the Jittery Junco, but it is always a lot of fun.

So when I first got to the party, it was like this...People skating, chatting with santa, flinging snowballs, and some random staring.

I went to visit Santa.  Put in my order for a puppy.

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Now....commence skating and launching... SL played a really mean trick on cat and stole her pants during the launch fest.  EEEEEK.   Nine really got into the launching - he was serving up a mess of sugar cookies - and tried to do some matrix stunt moves on the ice - from the photo I cannot tell whether this was successful...What do you think?

Check out all of the SKILLS on the ice!

 The skating got really wild for a little while when the animals joined in.
Someone let a tiger loose on the ice and dogs were running everywhere.  (Probably due to all the cookies flying everywhere...what dog or tiger can pass up giant sugar cookies?)

We had a close call toward the end of the party when we were invaded by the stay puft marshmallow man, but Javi, and Nine helped to contain the monster with a giant cup of cocoa and saved the day.  PLUS  - how YUMMY is that cocoa gonna be with all that extra marshmallow!?!?!

Another happy's pants came back...

The party was great fun.  Thanks Gwen for such a wonderful time.


  1. Your photo annotation skills= WIN!!! hahaha so much fun we had. :)