Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Mad Max & The Big Bouncing Block

Oh I bought land - on a whim.  I just needed a place to build.  SO - i called it "The DAAANG Kingdom of Launchia."  When I logged in today - my SL world weather matched my RL world weather - snow and cold BRRRRR.  So i rezzed an ice rink and we had a spontaneous skating party and shot ourselves out of a cannon.

Later on...I logged back in to work on a script for a friend.  My buddy Max soon got involved to help out. 
Somehow a crowd gathered.... I honestly was not paying attention so much as i was in the nerd zone.  

Anyway - to test the script we were using a super creative object.....THE CUBE of WONDER.

Krissie sat on the cube I was working on.  SO - I made it physical and sent her 400M up.  hehehe she bounced when she landed again. YAY.

That is how this started. . . anyway here are the action shots from what happened next!

It does NOT cost a lot to have a little bit of fun with friends.


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