Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Extraordinary Dorks Halloween Bash (+ a lesson on the Importance of Underpants)

SO this has been blogged by others just a bit, but I thought I'd share my take on it.  The League of Extraordinary Dorks Halloween Bash last Thursday night was a blast.  The party was held at the Jittery Junco and lots of people braved the lag as a huge crowd gathered to see what Nine Warrhol would be wearing.  By the end of the night - no one figured out what he was, but he won the award for this hot look:

There was a LOT of dancing and dorky costumes (as one would expect)...

Owly Indigo showed up as ArthurDent with the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - boldly declaring "Don't Panic"  - we lost gravity momentarily. Some people panicked anyway.

 Some fashion highlights

Not only was the evening great fun, it was educational too.  We learned that night that, yes, Donuts grow on TREES!

I dunno - I think this was probably one of the yummier costumes of the evening.  MMMMMM jelly donuts (*homer simpson voice*).

There was a Dance Off - The Mad Pumpkin Man vs. the Mad Scientist Woman.  Nine tried to show us what he would do if he had light sabers.

Later in the evening we were joined by a Nun, an Angel, and cat as an ETCH A SKETCH.   Everyone wanted to play with cat's knobs.  I have to commend Cat for wearing a costume that would prevent me from featuring her butt in any of these photos. Excellent skill and "strategery" there Cat!

We moved on from dancing to begin the Tricycle Races.  I built a sweet obstacle course around the shops in the sim complete with spider webby cones, ramps, and the time warp tunnel. Muhahahahaha. In the party favors goody box - everyone got a tricycle and MIND control glasses - and helmet and poofer, and other fun stuff, but NOT Pants!  (and anyone who actually opened the box and looked in the folder would know what that means).

So we lined up at the starting line...

The object is to stay on the trike and in between the cones.

Through the Tube of Wonder!

Time Warp Tunnel...ready to take my sledgehammer trike off a sweet Jump.  I am pretty sure I got like three feet of air!

Posing Skills.  I am so glad I wore my stretchy dress.

We took a group photo....getting a group photo in SL is a lot like herding cats.  Just saying...

 In the midst of the mayhem we learned a lesson on the importance of underpants.

After the group photo, everyone put on their mind control glasses and I got to control their minds and make them dance really awesome.
Mind control glasses are super fun - because it takes a little time before the group starts to realize what is happening...then everyone starts controlling everyone else's minds and its total pandemonium! LOVE IT!

So we got tired of that and fell into a huge pile.  The End.

Thanks to everyone who came out to the party.  It was a dorky good time!


  1. This was the BEST time I've had in SL in the longest time. Truly. Thanks for all the presents and the sweet jumps, Miss Ariel. Also, every time I see that photo of Alexi and Rem holding me up, which NINE is responsible for btw!, I cry with LOL. I weep! hahahahaha

  2. Oh man I should have stayed for the end, group photo! I didn't try on my mind control glasses until later and they were so funny! What a great time!