Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Beard of Wonder

It all began with this plurk yesterday, from my friend PT.

Now that looked like a fun challenge - so I got to work.   I TP'd PT (i love saying that) and Owly and Nine to the Kingdom of Launchia for a hairy launch fest to try out the new toy. 

This beard has skills:
  • trendy and fashionable
  • hairy
  • click to change with a color change menu - so you can be a blue beard, gray beard, barbie pink beard, white santa like beard, black beard. . . 
  • in mouse view you can launch a mess of bouncy beards at your friends
  • temporary crumb storage for when you are eating cookies
Here are the action shots:
I chose to wear the beard with my dang barbie pink outfit - yay my beard looks like cotton candy!

Nine chose to wear the beard in black - he looks like a mischevious fisherman.  He sort of stood there wondering how much trouble he could get into with his new beard.... 

It did not take long to find out.  Oh - and another wonderful feature of this beard - when Nine arrived at the Kingdom of Launchia he was smoking, when he put the beard on, he magically quit smoking.  YAY.  Good for your avatar health!

Owly chose to wear a blue beard and declared that she looked awesome.  Then shot beards at everyone!

"Tip toe through the facial hair..."

Beards beards everywhere!  It got a bit hairy but was all fun!

The Beard Launcher is now available at Beachcombers and Hallelujah Azul Fire GOOD!!! locations.


  1. Ariel. My love for you ... is bigger than a pile of launched beards. If I am ever deranged enough to take on a sim again ... or even just a little bit of land ... it will totally be named Beardhaven.

  2. Also ... you are the face that launched a thousand beards. Had to be said.

  3. The bit about being a mischievous fisherman made me LOL ALOT hahahahah so fun !

  4. yay!!!!!! Oh Hallelujah .. it's raining weird .....