Friday, January 15, 2010

Talk Nerdy to Me

Two hunts start tomorrow, so here's the scoop on the prizes you can find at Fire GOOD!!! main store.

For the Burning Heart Hunt Find the burning heart and get two prizes
(1) Talk Nerdy to Me  - Binary Love T Shirt - unisex nerdy t shirt on multiple layers.  Hint: look for conversation hearts.

(2) Talk Nerdy to Me - Conversation Hearts - an explosion of nerdy conversation hearts when you teleport or type /1 poof in local chat. 

For the Music for the Soul Hunt: Find the head phones for a hot musical particle effect - it looks like fire, but it's really musical notes.  Particles are activated when you teleport or type  /1 poof in local chat.  Hint:  look for fire you can wear.

Have fun!

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