Thursday, October 29, 2009

The League of Extraordinary Dorks Pre-Party Pandemonium

So tonight Catalina Mistwallow and I are co-hosting the first ever "League of Extraordinary Dorks Halloween Bash."

We expect this party to be a dorky good time.  I have been hearing lots of excitement from folks about the dorky costumes they are arranging for the event.  YAY!!!.  The party is at 7 PM SLT at the Jittery Junco Coffee House on the Hallelujah Azul sim. (More info here). 

Pre-Party Planning (SNORT!)
Cat and I got together last night to briefly discuss preparations, but mostly to goof off (it's what we do).  I put some finishing touches on my costume and then we went shopping. I'll just share one of the snortier moments with Cat and Ariel:
[21:00] Ariel Wingtips: you are short
[21:01] catalina Mistwallow: it's your hair
[21:01] Ariel Wingtips: oh
[21:01] Ariel Wingtips: its my hair
[21:01] Ariel Wingtips: hahahahahahahaha
[21:01] catalina Mistwallow: hahahaha
[21:01] Ariel Wingtips: hahahahahahahah
[21:01] Ariel Wingtips: snort
[21:01] catalina Mistwallow: LOL
[21:01] catalina Mistwallow: i snorted too
[21:01] Ariel Wingtips: lol

Pre-Party Pandemonium (SNORT!)

So then we went home.  I started to build some things...and suddenly a bunch of folks logged in and we just started goofing off.  Owly logged in for the first time in AGES.  A hug fest broke out.  Then we were suddenly invited to ChatBrat Pippita's party. 

Dork Party Dance Practice
As a prelude to the party the gang spontaneously got together to practice our line dancing moves. (this stuff seriously just magical).  Just look at these skills!

So we danced and then the sky grew dark.  We turned into zombies.

Then a ghost haunted the dance line... Suddenly we found ourselves gravitationally challenged.

Eventually the ghost left, gravity was restored, and we ended with the Happy Dance.

Remember when you were abducted by aliens?
Folks started logging off... we stopped dancing, and just talked a bit.. about the good old days...

Just another "Snortin Good Time" with the Gang.

Looking forward to another snortin fun time at the Halloween Bash tonight! YAY!!!

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  1. this party was the most fun I'd ever had at an organized SL party - ever.

    ariel, those were some sweet jumps