Thursday, October 15, 2009

Look of the Day: The Bride of "Dorkenstein"

My first ever look of the day post!  HAHHA!

So I was hanging out with my friends and we decided we should have a nerd themed Halloween party.  All the costumes would be nerdy, geek, dorky - so here is the costume I created for the first ever "League of Extraordinary Dorks Halloween Bash" (to be held at the Jittery Junco at some point October 29th still working out details but I have a costume so yay!)

. . . and the Stylin Glowy Neckbolts are Free - a must have for this seasons fashion.
I sent these to my Fire GOOD!!! Hot Updates group.  Just goofy fun.  Wear them and walk  And...GLOW!  If you want them and missed out on this hot item - visit Fire GOOD!!! and check the subscribo history.

  • Hair: Bride-O-Frank Hair black/white (Widows Peak)from JetDoll (on sale right now - totally cool!)
  • Boots: from Opium avatar by Abyss (as far as I know they only come with that avatar)
  • Glasses:  UberNerd Glasses by Ed Creations (available at my shop) 125L totally worth every linden - I wear these just about every day.  Includes fashionable tape and paperclip to hold them together. AWESOME.
  • Pose: SEmotion Irresistible AO HUD v.3.6: 'irr_stand3' (makes it look like I am gazing proudly at my "preciousssss" ring.
  • Outfit: Um - I made it for my Nerd Halloween Party. 0L not for sale 
  • Glowy Green Neckbolts: - PRICELESS....yeah they are FREE!!!! so go get em if you want them. I sent them to my subscribo group so they will be in the history for a little while.

Have Fun!!!

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