Friday, October 23, 2009

Look of the Day / Gimme Some of Your TOTS!

Recently, I made a classic comfort food for dinner...Minnesota can be chilly in the fall, makes me crave a nice hot meal held together with cream of mushroom soup dontchaknow.  Then...I watched Napoleon Dynamite ... again!  I have seen this movie so many times I have lost count.  It always cracks me up.  Yes my sense of humour is a bit off I guess.  All this together became my inspiration for my Fire GOOD!!! look of the day (accessorized with a launcher of course).

Napoleon Dynamite Fan / Tater Tot Hotdish* Enthusiast
(featuring some super dramatic posing skills)

* see the wiki article... also known as a "casserole"

    * Hair: >TRUTH< Evie - sangria
    * Boots: edge grafica / 31 Engineer Boots 1L
    * Glasses:  UberNerd Glasses by Ed Creations (available at my shop) 125L totally worth every linden - These are only my most favorite SL Glasses.  Includes fashionable tape and paperclip to hold them together. AWESOME!!!
    * Poses:  all from Striking Poses (1) SP_Framed in Beauty_4 Pose  (2) one of the Girls with Guns poses from Striking Poses (3) SP_Performer_10 Pose
    * Faded Jeans: [Decoy] Inferno 88 - Light Wash - hmmm not free anymore but still cool!
    * Super Hot High fashion Unisex T Shirt: Free!!! Vote for Pedro T available now at Fire GOOD!!!  (Beachcomber location only)

    * Tater Tot Hotdish that launches tater tots: Priceless!  Tater Tot Launcher available now at Fire GOOD!!!

Have Fun!!! and Hey!  Gimme somma yer tots!


  1. Love the nerd glasses - I got some from Tres Blah for 50L Fridays (still going on) but they are huge, and no duct tape.

    Now I need me some tots.

  2. Ummmm I bought one of these but then gave it to Nine when he complained no one brought him any casseroles for Eula's funeral.

  3. oh Tatertot Hotdish is great for funerals, for birthday parties, for League of Extraordinary Dorks Halloween Parties, for Laaaanch, Lunch, Launch, any time !!!!! Gimme some of your tots!