Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Legendary Launch of Paul Bunyan

So yeah I signed up my shop for an insane amount of hunts in October.  It's good for traffic, I get to meet cool people, but most of all, I LOVE the challenge of creating themed prizes.  The Myths and Legends Hunt begins October, 15.  Ever since this hunt was announced I wanted to participate.  Being from Minnesota, I immediately thought of doing something related to Paul Bunyan.  Thinking...thinking...what could I design to represent the legend of Paul Bunyan?  Then, as I was artfully assembling my peanut butter and jelly sandwich (an exciting adventure in dinner) it hit me, not the sandwich, but an Idea.  I can LAUNCH PAUL BUNYAN! I actually started laughing right there as I envisioned giant Paul Bunyans flying through the virtual air. 

So I got to work...

Here I am hanging out with the Legendary Mister Bunyan and his Babe at the edge of the forest under the stars.  So far he likes SL, but is not happy with his hair.  HEYYYYY no complaining about the hair dude...that's the best I could do...I am a Launcherista, NOT a Fashionista.   So I launched the whiner and his Ox too.

You can launch Paul Bunyan too... the Myths and Legends Hunt begins October 15th and the Fire GOOD!!! prize is the Legendary Paul Bunyan Launcher.  Just find the hunt object, a mystical unicorn orby thingy to claim your very own legendary launcher.

The Prize...

Legendary!  Have fun!

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