Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Jazz Turkeys and Sweet Prizes for Halloween

Ok so another hunt, another prize... Starving Artists Hunt - How cool is that?  I always wanted to be an artist. . . but I like to eat.  This summer I added my artistic skills to a community mural at the local coffee shop.  Here's my lovely hand print turkey, or as we like to call it, "JAZZ TURKEY."

As I was considering what to make as a prize for the Starving Artist Hunt (starts October 15th!), I remembered my Turkey and was like OOOOH YES! That needs to be on a t shirt. I need to share this artistic wonder with the virtual world.

Presenting the ultra high fashion, one of a kind - Hand Painted Turkey T and matching EXPLOSION.  (Particles are a great accessory!).

When ever I make an entrance wearing this awesome explosion, people exclaim, "Jazz Hands!!" I reply, "Jazz Turkeys!"

You too can be styling in Jazz Turkeys, just find the starving artist hunt prize (in my shop it's a snow cone...not very nourishing for a starving artist, but it looks really nummy...any way it's colorful - that's what matters).

Other prizes currently up for grabs at Fire GOOD!!! While creating prizes for the Halloween Hunts, I was sort of on a virtual candy kick.  Here's the result:
Halloween Hunt - find the bat get the Jet Pack. 
Wear the candy powered rocket jet pack for flames and candy effect when you fly.  Pretty easy to find, this bat is hanging out near some cartoon action.

Gone Fishing - Catch a Sweet Launcher and Explosion
this is a super cool hunt, you fish for prizes using 7 Seas fishing gear.  If you haven't checked it out yet, you have to see my fishing hole at beachcombers- just go through my shop out the back door.  My friend Haydan Benelli, the owner of Beachcombers, has created a gorgeous fishing area with splashy waves, palms, lovely fishing deck.  Come and see... You can fish get prizes, wander around and see new off sim wonders, dance under splashing waves - looks REALLY cool with viewer on midnight. 

OH and here are the prizes you can catch in this spot.

 This launcher is a sweet trick or treat bag that turns into a candy blaster in mouse view.  

Arrive in a dramatic explosion of sweetness with this poofer.  Particles are activated when you teleport or type a command in local chat.
Pumpkin Print Hunt - get cooked in a floating cauldron. Find the pumpkin and you too can float around in a cauldron of glowy green bubbly goop.

Jack o Turkey Hunt  - Have a blast with the floating Pumpkin Blaster - float around in a pumpkin and launch an assortment of bouncy pumpkins at the people you love.  Find a pumpkin and get this goody.

OK  - come and get it!  Have fun!!!

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