Thursday, October 29, 2009

The League of Extraordinary Dorks Pre-Party Pandemonium

So tonight Catalina Mistwallow and I are co-hosting the first ever "League of Extraordinary Dorks Halloween Bash."

We expect this party to be a dorky good time.  I have been hearing lots of excitement from folks about the dorky costumes they are arranging for the event.  YAY!!!.  The party is at 7 PM SLT at the Jittery Junco Coffee House on the Hallelujah Azul sim. (More info here). 

Pre-Party Planning (SNORT!)
Cat and I got together last night to briefly discuss preparations, but mostly to goof off (it's what we do).  I put some finishing touches on my costume and then we went shopping. I'll just share one of the snortier moments with Cat and Ariel:
[21:00] Ariel Wingtips: you are short
[21:01] catalina Mistwallow: it's your hair
[21:01] Ariel Wingtips: oh
[21:01] Ariel Wingtips: its my hair
[21:01] Ariel Wingtips: hahahahahahahaha
[21:01] catalina Mistwallow: hahahaha
[21:01] Ariel Wingtips: hahahahahahahah
[21:01] Ariel Wingtips: snort
[21:01] catalina Mistwallow: LOL
[21:01] catalina Mistwallow: i snorted too
[21:01] Ariel Wingtips: lol

Pre-Party Pandemonium (SNORT!)

So then we went home.  I started to build some things...and suddenly a bunch of folks logged in and we just started goofing off.  Owly logged in for the first time in AGES.  A hug fest broke out.  Then we were suddenly invited to ChatBrat Pippita's party. 

Dork Party Dance Practice
As a prelude to the party the gang spontaneously got together to practice our line dancing moves. (this stuff seriously just magical).  Just look at these skills!

So we danced and then the sky grew dark.  We turned into zombies.

Then a ghost haunted the dance line... Suddenly we found ourselves gravitationally challenged.

Eventually the ghost left, gravity was restored, and we ended with the Happy Dance.

Remember when you were abducted by aliens?
Folks started logging off... we stopped dancing, and just talked a bit.. about the good old days...

Just another "Snortin Good Time" with the Gang.

Looking forward to another snortin fun time at the Halloween Bash tonight! YAY!!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Look of the Day / Gimme Some of Your TOTS!

Recently, I made a classic comfort food for dinner...Minnesota can be chilly in the fall, makes me crave a nice hot meal held together with cream of mushroom soup dontchaknow.  Then...I watched Napoleon Dynamite ... again!  I have seen this movie so many times I have lost count.  It always cracks me up.  Yes my sense of humour is a bit off I guess.  All this together became my inspiration for my Fire GOOD!!! look of the day (accessorized with a launcher of course).

Napoleon Dynamite Fan / Tater Tot Hotdish* Enthusiast
(featuring some super dramatic posing skills)

* see the wiki article... also known as a "casserole"

    * Hair: >TRUTH< Evie - sangria
    * Boots: edge grafica / 31 Engineer Boots 1L
    * Glasses:  UberNerd Glasses by Ed Creations (available at my shop) 125L totally worth every linden - These are only my most favorite SL Glasses.  Includes fashionable tape and paperclip to hold them together. AWESOME!!!
    * Poses:  all from Striking Poses (1) SP_Framed in Beauty_4 Pose  (2) one of the Girls with Guns poses from Striking Poses (3) SP_Performer_10 Pose
    * Faded Jeans: [Decoy] Inferno 88 - Light Wash - hmmm not free anymore but still cool!
    * Super Hot High fashion Unisex T Shirt: Free!!! Vote for Pedro T available now at Fire GOOD!!!  (Beachcomber location only)

    * Tater Tot Hotdish that launches tater tots: Priceless!  Tater Tot Launcher available now at Fire GOOD!!!

Have Fun!!! and Hey!  Gimme somma yer tots!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Look of the Day: The Bride of "Dorkenstein"

My first ever look of the day post!  HAHHA!

So I was hanging out with my friends and we decided we should have a nerd themed Halloween party.  All the costumes would be nerdy, geek, dorky - so here is the costume I created for the first ever "League of Extraordinary Dorks Halloween Bash" (to be held at the Jittery Junco at some point October 29th still working out details but I have a costume so yay!)

. . . and the Stylin Glowy Neckbolts are Free - a must have for this seasons fashion.
I sent these to my Fire GOOD!!! Hot Updates group.  Just goofy fun.  Wear them and walk  And...GLOW!  If you want them and missed out on this hot item - visit Fire GOOD!!! and check the subscribo history.

  • Hair: Bride-O-Frank Hair black/white (Widows Peak)from JetDoll (on sale right now - totally cool!)
  • Boots: from Opium avatar by Abyss (as far as I know they only come with that avatar)
  • Glasses:  UberNerd Glasses by Ed Creations (available at my shop) 125L totally worth every linden - I wear these just about every day.  Includes fashionable tape and paperclip to hold them together. AWESOME.
  • Pose: SEmotion Irresistible AO HUD v.3.6: 'irr_stand3' (makes it look like I am gazing proudly at my "preciousssss" ring.
  • Outfit: Um - I made it for my Nerd Halloween Party. 0L not for sale 
  • Glowy Green Neckbolts: - PRICELESS....yeah they are FREE!!!! so go get em if you want them. I sent them to my subscribo group so they will be in the history for a little while.

Have Fun!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Jazz Turkeys and Sweet Prizes for Halloween

Ok so another hunt, another prize... Starving Artists Hunt - How cool is that?  I always wanted to be an artist. . . but I like to eat.  This summer I added my artistic skills to a community mural at the local coffee shop.  Here's my lovely hand print turkey, or as we like to call it, "JAZZ TURKEY."

As I was considering what to make as a prize for the Starving Artist Hunt (starts October 15th!), I remembered my Turkey and was like OOOOH YES! That needs to be on a t shirt. I need to share this artistic wonder with the virtual world.

Presenting the ultra high fashion, one of a kind - Hand Painted Turkey T and matching EXPLOSION.  (Particles are a great accessory!).

When ever I make an entrance wearing this awesome explosion, people exclaim, "Jazz Hands!!" I reply, "Jazz Turkeys!"

You too can be styling in Jazz Turkeys, just find the starving artist hunt prize (in my shop it's a snow cone...not very nourishing for a starving artist, but it looks really nummy...any way it's colorful - that's what matters).

Other prizes currently up for grabs at Fire GOOD!!! While creating prizes for the Halloween Hunts, I was sort of on a virtual candy kick.  Here's the result:
Halloween Hunt - find the bat get the Jet Pack. 
Wear the candy powered rocket jet pack for flames and candy effect when you fly.  Pretty easy to find, this bat is hanging out near some cartoon action.

Gone Fishing - Catch a Sweet Launcher and Explosion
this is a super cool hunt, you fish for prizes using 7 Seas fishing gear.  If you haven't checked it out yet, you have to see my fishing hole at beachcombers- just go through my shop out the back door.  My friend Haydan Benelli, the owner of Beachcombers, has created a gorgeous fishing area with splashy waves, palms, lovely fishing deck.  Come and see... You can fish get prizes, wander around and see new off sim wonders, dance under splashing waves - looks REALLY cool with viewer on midnight. 

OH and here are the prizes you can catch in this spot.

 This launcher is a sweet trick or treat bag that turns into a candy blaster in mouse view.  

Arrive in a dramatic explosion of sweetness with this poofer.  Particles are activated when you teleport or type a command in local chat.
Pumpkin Print Hunt - get cooked in a floating cauldron. Find the pumpkin and you too can float around in a cauldron of glowy green bubbly goop.

Jack o Turkey Hunt  - Have a blast with the floating Pumpkin Blaster - float around in a pumpkin and launch an assortment of bouncy pumpkins at the people you love.  Find a pumpkin and get this goody.

OK  - come and get it!  Have fun!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Legendary Launch of Paul Bunyan

So yeah I signed up my shop for an insane amount of hunts in October.  It's good for traffic, I get to meet cool people, but most of all, I LOVE the challenge of creating themed prizes.  The Myths and Legends Hunt begins October, 15.  Ever since this hunt was announced I wanted to participate.  Being from Minnesota, I immediately thought of doing something related to Paul Bunyan.  Thinking...thinking...what could I design to represent the legend of Paul Bunyan?  Then, as I was artfully assembling my peanut butter and jelly sandwich (an exciting adventure in dinner) it hit me, not the sandwich, but an Idea.  I can LAUNCH PAUL BUNYAN! I actually started laughing right there as I envisioned giant Paul Bunyans flying through the virtual air. 

So I got to work...

Here I am hanging out with the Legendary Mister Bunyan and his Babe at the edge of the forest under the stars.  So far he likes SL, but is not happy with his hair.  HEYYYYY no complaining about the hair dude...that's the best I could do...I am a Launcherista, NOT a Fashionista.   So I launched the whiner and his Ox too.

You can launch Paul Bunyan too... the Myths and Legends Hunt begins October 15th and the Fire GOOD!!! prize is the Legendary Paul Bunyan Launcher.  Just find the hunt object, a mystical unicorn orby thingy to claim your very own legendary launcher.

The Prize...

Legendary!  Have fun!