Monday, November 30, 2009

Jello at the Junco & Holiday Hunt Goodies!

Jello at the Junco
Last night, I had some fun with the folks hanging out at the Jittery Junco.  When I arrived they were all sitting on the railing.  So I thought - you know this would be great for target practice. 

I handed out target t shirts.  Amazingly, most of them put the shirts on!  hahaha   Then proceeded to blast them with jello shots. 

It's just kind of fun to watch the jello bounce and wiggle and jiggle like that.
Jello shot launcher available at Fire GOOD!!! 

Holiday Hunt Goodies (that means FREE STUFF )

Fire GOOD!!! Main Shop is participating in 4 hunts in December.  So here's the scoop on the free fun stuff.

For the On the Christmas Tree Hunt - find the little Christmas Tree for these festive rocket feet.  Super funky painted red/white/green flames and snowflakes when you fly.  Rudolph will be SOOOOO Jealous when he sees you'r flying skills.

For the Candy Cane Hunt - find the little cup of hot cocoa (look near the tree) for this sweet spaceship for all your holiday space invasion needs.  Just wear the spaceship, turn off your AO and you can fly instead of walking.  You could...race Santa!  Yeah - his sleigh is no match for a cool spaceship. It makes a space ship sound when you fly and poofs candy canes.  OH and when you fly it has super cool funky painted flames.

For the Christmas Hunt - find the stocking to get this cool Christmas Bulb Blaster.

Just wear it and turn your AO off and you can float around like a holiday ornament instead of walking.  When people ask if they can put you on their tree, just blast them with colorful christmas bulbs.  Yeah - that's the spirit.  This is also handy for when you need a temporary high speed decorating solution - just blast the ornaments all over the room - DONE.

The first gift is an outfit - with a peaceful dove - hand painted silver dove on black t shirt and mini skirt and some fun dove print tights. 

The second gift is a particle effect poofer that rains down a peaceful collection of doves, olive branches, and snowflakes....aaaahhh imagine peace for fifteen wonderful seconds while you watch this fun particle effect.
For the Snowflake Grid wide Hunt - find the snowflake for a fun glittery snowfall particle effect.

OH - and i sent the target Blue T to my subscribo group - so if your im's cap - just stop by the shop and hit the subscribo to get it from history if you missed it.

Have Fun!


  1. I'm sad I missed the jello shots (literal shots!) ... but I am excited to go pick up the snowflake thingy! eeeee!

  2. Fun fun fun! I sorta showed Max the numerous lauunchers I have and he kinda likes em..alot. Hes very much a launcherphile-is that a word? haha

  3. it's a word now!!!!! I consider myself more of a launcherista :)