Sunday, November 29, 2009

Dances with Turkeys, Chats with Chickens, and Random Rooftop Dance Party YAY!

I am so thankful for fun times and silly friends in SL.  RL was sort of tough this past week.  Having lost a close family member around this same time last year, I found myself completely dreading the holiday this year and was just in a sad funk.  A recent series of totally spontaneous SL events  - sort of just shook me out of the blahs.  I think that goofing off like this is just good for the soul.

It's Wednesday night...potatoes are cut up, turkey is thawing, house is cleaned up and ready for guests.  Still not feeling the holiday spirit.  BUT... I log into SL - and Owly tp's me to the Junco.  Strange stick legged turkeys are roaming the patio...I quickly transform into the HOT guy and ask owly to dance - ooo la la.

Owly puts on a beard - this totally drives the turkeys wild.  They appear to be attracted to bearded ladies.  The turkey tries to cut in...

suddenly we turned into royalty.

Owly had to leave, but Napoleon Dynamite showed up and demonstrated his sweet dance skills for Nine and Max.
Captain Kangaroo showed up and posed for a sweet photo with Nine and Max  - this is serious Fashion!

So then I logged in Friday night, and CAT tp's me to the junco where she is hanging out chatting with Javi, Niko, Angie, and Chance.  Javi went AFK (a no no at the Hallelujah Azul sims...) so I had to rez a chicken head on his avie.

Welcome to chicken chat...

Saturday Night was completey awesome. We were hanging out at the house.  It became a spontaneous dance party - PT mentioned he found a bunch of cool he got set up on the stream and DJ'd.

The roof was transformed into a random dance floor.  One of the songs led to spontaneous combustion.  It was great fun - can't really describe it...but here's are some action shots.  So awesome to just hang out with friends and goof off. 

 DAANG that was Fun!
Some SL moments are just amazing.
Happy Thanksgiving Friends :) Thanks for the Fun!


  1. OMG THAT WAS FUN. Honestly, the most fun time w/ you all in a looooong time. And I am so glad you captured and blogged the common jealous stickleg turkey beard madness! EEEEEEE!