Friday, November 6, 2009

Hunting Treasures AND Adventures of Puff the Magic Flickmunk

Hunting Treasures
So November brings us some new hunts.  That means fun free stuff!!! So here's the scoop on the Fire GOOD!!! contributions to hunt mania.  (Hunt details are available on the posters at the shop).
Beachcombers Location of Fire GOOD!!!
For the Bitter Sweet Hunt - find the pumpkin, get a sweet piggy bank that launches coins.

For the Pilgrim Hunt - Find the pilgrim hat get this classy winter outerwear - the mitten launches winter outerwear!  (the big floppy scarves are funny when they bounce)

For the Shining Stars Hunt find the star, get the rocket feet! Starry particles and turquoise to violet flames when you fly - just wear with your shoes.

At the Hallelujah Azul Location of Fire GOOD!!! for the Falling Leaves hunt, find the leaf and get this party dress with a golden leaf particle effect poofer.

Adventures with Puff the Magic "Flickmunk"
SO i was shopping around a few nights ago and saw a little chipmunk and was like OOOH I MUST get this for my friend cat.  (She is sort of NUTZ about squirrels - and chipmunks are sort of like squirrels-yeah).  I gave it to her last night.  It's just a little shoulder pet.  (Got it from: So the little mini chipmunk has skills - it can puff its cheeks on command (cheeks on cheeks off...sort of like a clapper but CUTE) and sit on your shoulder blinking occasionally and looking adorable.

I got a chipmunk for myself too....and was so HAPPY to find that it was MOD - it is STRETCHY!  So I stretched out the chipmunk to max size.  Checked the physical make him bouncy.  Then the gang  hopped on and started flicking the chipmunk around the sim. (flicking involves - hold down control while click and drag the chipmunk then let go...thus flinging it).  What a wild ride!  Here are some action shots.

The evening was spent flinging Puff the Magic Flickmunk all over the Hallelujah Azul sim...Sneaking up on folks at the Jittery Junco.  Oh at one point we set a giant spider loose to roam the sim (that was Polly's idea....that spider sort of creeps me out) unfortunately, I didn't get pictures of spider vs. Flickmunk action (use your imagination for that one).

SO not only did we enjoy the intended features of the mini chipmunk, but we found that giant chipmunks have even more skills....
  • Flicking skills
  • Flying Skills
  • Cheek Puffing skills
  • Modeling Skills (the chipmunk sucks in his cheeks to look thinner)
  • Bouncing skills
  • Landing skills
  • Sneaking Skills
Fun Times!

Contributors to this goofiness: Polly Paperclip, Catalina Mistwallow, Owly Indigo, Cyrus000 Vollmar, Sehra Kauffman, Ariel Wingtips, oh and a resized pet chipmunk by Wynx Whiplash.


  1. Wow, considering I was afk most of that time ... I see we went to some pretty interesting places!

  2. i think you were AFK when the spider attacked also

  3. Okay the chipmunk is hilarious, but I want to know more about this dress!

  4. ooooh its only my most favorite dress - it was a gift in the Peace on Earth hunt (I think) from last year - Prim and Pixel Paradise. I went to their store to try and find it again but couldn't. I did find this blog post about it! YAY...