Wednesday, September 2, 2009

This is your brain on SL

I got a new brain.
So i took my brain to a party (that just sort of happened last night). Max wanted to stress test an innertube... that's where the tomfoolery begins... Cat posted some action shots of that here on her blog). So after we did that (oh we got six on the tube AND found out that when you shoot the tube with big BRAINS, you can make it fly even with five avatars on it. Now THAT is some BRAIN POWER!!! I did not take pictures because I was focused on shooting brains not photos, so you will just have to get your own brain and try it yourself - it's fun).
We ended up launching ourselves into space and skydiving over and over. (skydiving happens - it's good to always be prepared). Here are some skydiving action shots...

On the way down, I had a brainstorm. Decided to become a flying nun...
Then.... we needed some COFFEE!!! So we did a dive at the favorite COHO on Hallelujah Azul.
Danced a little, goofed off a little, then decided to go shopping. . . FIELD TRIP!!!here we demonstrate how to bahahahaha

Contributors to the nuttiness of this blog post: Catalina Mistwallow, Owly Indigo, Vella Vyper, Maxmilian Nightfire, Jeffo Pelous, Alia Rabeni, and a brain from Abby Someone.


  1. ooh correction...i mistakenly pointed out a butt as Cat's it was actually Owly's butt! muhahahahahahaha

  2. THANK YOU for the correction A. Also ... this post ... the epicness ... dang. I love us in our geiger counter scientist outfits - wait, where's my goat!?

  3. looks like the glitter chickens got your goat