Friday, September 18, 2009

Avast, me hearties and me cooties!!! YARR!

Well tomorrow is International Talk Like a Pirate Day. I be ready t' look like a pirate while I attempt to talk like a pirate.

So as i was pulling together my pirate-y look, i realized, that my shoulder pet, Bob, was not looking pirate-y at all.
Bob and I just finished building two new store locations last night, so we were all geared up for construction.

Well - I had to fix this. . . "me cootie bug be now a pirate" YAR!!!
So in honor of this festive day, the cootie bug shoulder pet has been slightly enhanced. Available at Beachcombers, Hallelujah Azul, and Harlow Fire GOOD!!! locations. . . only 25l - have fun swarming your friends with cooties.. YAR!!

Oh and you can pick up this fancy T shirt too (also 25L). I drew the pirate all by myself!
So after i finished building the cootie bug... I was like, "hmmm now what?"
Well I am dressed like a pirate, attempting to talk like a pirate, someone needs to walk the plank. So i made a bigger cootie...
Then wai showed up and decided to help! YAY!! (MUHAHAHA)

HAPPY Talk Like a Pirate Day Mateys!!! YARR!

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