Monday, September 14, 2009

Freaky Nerd Spiders and HOT HOT HOT Chilis

September 15th begins two more hunts. Yes, Hunt Mania is running wild!

Freaked Out Hunt
The Freaked Out hunt is all about . . . STUFF THAT FREAKS US OUT! For me, it's S P I D E R S...they just make my toes curl. While I was building this prize I noticed that my feet were all freaked just playing with a virtual spider. EEK!!! SO - I made them sort of nerdy so I would be less scared. LOL.
Freaked Out hunt runs from September 15th through October 5th. Just find the hypodermic needle at my main shop (hint: look down and don't step on the spiders) for the super fun Freaky Nerd Spider Launcher. Launches a variety of fantastic and nerdtastic spiders in mouse view. Great fun at parties or just to freak out your friends.

The Nerdy Spiders don't bite, but they do STARE!

Harlow Sim-wide "Too Hot to Handle Hunt"
The Harlow sim is having a hunt starting September 15th and going through September 30th. In this hunt, you are looking for little hot chili peppers. Just wander around the sim, picking pixel prize peppers for cool stuff.

I have hidden three peppers in my Fire GOOD!!! Harlow location - with the following Hot prizes.

hot hot hot T shirt - looks hot on my dude avie. He's looking off to the side like "i'm so smokin!" Includes multiple layers.
Hot Hot Hot Bikini with a hot chilis particle effect. Spicy!

You'll always arive in style when you arrive in an explosion of chilis. Awesome!

So grab these goodies at the Harlow Location of Fire GOOD!!!

Satisfashion Sidewalk Sale & Other Hunt Stuff
At the Satisfashion Head Quarters, I have the Beach Ball Blaster on sale for 50l as a part of the sidewalk sale. Lots of great designers offering lots of great deals. Check it out!

The Love Birds Hunt ends tomorrow, so last chance to get the lovey dovey floaty heart that shoots lovey dovey hearts....for free!

There are also two other hunts going on - the Freaky Fall Hunt (prize is a brain launcher), and the Game Day Hunt (Prize is a football bomber...launches flaming footballs). So if you haven't yet, stop into the main shop for some free launchers! It's good to be prepared - you never know when you will NEED to shoot brains or footballs or loveydovey hearts at someone.

Oh and here's a preview of some of the spidery stuff in the works. I'll tell you more about that later.

Have Fun!

(. . . and watch out for spiders! EEK!)

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