Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Everything Blue and Some Other Things Too

So while i was chatting with my friends Owly Indigo and Wai Aeon, I had a random idea, "Everything blue in the Hallelujah Azul shop should be on sale." So...whooooosh... I popped over to the shop and started setting the blue stuff at 1/2 off.

Like space ships and rocket feet.
. . . and Cartoon Action boxing gloves and feather explosions.
It's the "Everything Blue and Some Other Things Too" 50% off sale at the Hallelujah Azul location of Fire GOOD!!!

Stop over and check it out ...the blue stuff is 1/2 off. There is some non blue stuff on sale too just because...

So look for stuff that is blue or stuff that has blue in it... to find the sale items.
Even the Porta Potty Launcher on the top floor... yeah 1/2 off!!!

You KNOW you need one of these!!!

There's more but you'll have to find it in the shop.

have fun!!!


  1. Yep, it totally happened like that - you got an idea, and WHOOSH! DONE!

  2. that's awesome A!